#SoG135 - Puppets vs Believers

There is nothing to report today.
I mean there is.
It was a busy day and I don't have time to think of a lesson per se but I do have a few things that would warm your heart like nothing else. Assuming that is what you want :D

First, you have to see this Instagram feed of this lady, Mudita.
Each day she posts a hand-written note that has a quote that uplifts. Its a great start to the day. See it at https://www.instagram.com/mudita.saboo/?hl=en. Someday, I would copy this. Maybe once I am done with the latest project that I have picked up - #sg100peopletothank.

Second, read this piece on NY Times on the leading ladies of the world - Kardashian sisters. These ladies are exactly what is wrong with the world we live in. And, at the same time, what is right about the world we live in. How? Why? Will let you guys decide. Hint? Social Media.

Third, (and this is the lesson of the day) is the difference between a puppet and a believer.
I was talking to this colleague today and I was lamenting how young people don't tend to give due respect to the opinions of older ones. He retorted by saying that may be because older ones need puppets and yes-men that follow orders blindly. And my response to him was that older people (like me) need believers (rather than sceptics) if we need to push the bill!

What do I mean by that?
Simple actually. A believer is someone who trusts the other person and will go to any extent to deliver on what the other person has imagined. Steve Jobs had believers. NaMo has believers. Gandhi had them. Believers don't question the judgement or opinion or assertions of people they follow. They try and find solutions to problems, even if they seem impossible to crack.

So, in life, you ought to find believers if you aspire to change the world. In fact, this quote on Netflix's hiring page sums it up. I am copy-pasting it...

That's all for the day.
See you guys tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,
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PS: This is a new format where I am trying to introduce ideas in a more succinct manner than the typical letters. Honestly, it takes more time to make things shorter but I think this is what is required. Please do give me feedback on this.