#SoG134 - Make a wish! 🌟🌟

#SoG134 - Visualise your goals.

This one is inspired by Jim Carrey.

Sometime in 2018, I read a story about Jim Carrey where he wrote himself a 10-million dollar cheque and gave himself 3 years to get to it. He then kept the cheque in his wallet. And then every night, night after night, he would drive up to a fancy neighbourhood and visualise that he lived there.

And yes, you guessed it, lo and behold, he did reach the 10 mil mark before that time expired! See him talk about it on the Oprah show here.

And that, ladies and gents is the lesson of the day.

Identify one big goal that you wish to achieve. Put a timeframe to it. Give yourself a post-dated proof of achievement.

For example, if its money, write yourself a cheque (like Jim did). If its a marathon, give yourself a medal. For my first book, I wrote the acknowledgements before I finished the book. Ditto for the next one. If its world travel, buy yourself an RTW.

Don't worry if it's tough, impossible.
Don't worry if your friends tell you that it would stressful to even think about it.
Make it as ridiculous as you think it could be.
But do give yourself that cheque, that plaque, that medal.

And, go visualise. Yourself on the podium, with all the money et al.

And it works. If you are a naysayer and don't believe in these "mystical" things, lemme throw some science at you! Actually, this link does a GREAT job at it. Read it.

Good luck!

Oh, one more thing!
Things won't work by merely making a note or getting a medal. You will have to work HARD towards your goal. And it will require sustained efforts more than anything else. So, go work!

And while we are at it, you ought to read Scott Adams talk about making system (and not goals). It's at https://blog.dilbert.com/2013/11/18/goals-vs-systems/. In one line, he says that chasing goals could actually be a deterrent. Rather you need to make systems. Say you want to be 30" around your waist. So rather than obsessing over weight, make a system of fasting for 18 hours. Simple!

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PS: I was to become a dollar millionaire by end of FY1819. But I haven't become one. The failure hasn't deterred me :) I have made yet another promise to myself. It's here.

What I am thinking about?
These ideas are great to consume. These give you that satisfaction of having read something that you loved. But how do you keep track of lessons? And how do you implement? One way is to use a large chart - call it #lifeChart and add everything that you think works for you on it. I use Miro for the same. What do you do?