#SoG133 -Zubaan Ki Keemat

#SoG133 - Zubaan Ki Keemat

Zubaan Ki Keemat.
I am not sure of the exact translation but to me, it means the gravitas with which you talk. And Gravitas means "seriousness and importance of manner, causing feelings of respect and trust in others". See this.

This means that as an individual you have immense integrity and you will deliver on what you've promised.
This also means that you will keep your promises.
This also means that you are reliable, you are dependable.
This also means that if you say something, that something WILL happen. Unless of course there is a calamity.
This also means your word inspires confidence.
This means that you are, in general, trustworthy.

And all these (and more is required) if you wish to do things, get things done, inspire others and top of them all, play a long-term game!

Why is this important?
In the world we live in and the things we do, we often have to work with incomplete and often speculative information. And that means that intangibles like promises, confidence, integrity, zubaan ki keemat and other such things become critical to get things done and "push the human race forward". And if we aren't here to push the human race forward, why are we here?

Lesson for you?
An assignment. Thinking assignment.
When you talk, do you think people trust you to keep your word? Does your Zubaan have a Keemat?

That's it for the day. A short one. See you guys tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,
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