#SoG125 - Start with why!

#SoG125 - Start With Why!

Start with why.
These three words sort of changed the way I look at things. This is the story.

I heard Simon Sinek talk about it in this now famous talk where he talked about how great leaders inspire action. He talks about how Gandhi, King and event Steve Jobs for that matter created communication that inspired people to come out and do magical things!

See it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuA.

The talk (and the idea) can be summarised in two lines. Don't tell people what you do. Tell them why do you do things that you do.

See this visual representation of the idea for more details.

For marketers, it translates into, people don't buy things if you tell them what you make or sell. Rather, if you told them why you did what you did, they would give you all their money. And more, if their "why" is in sync with your why!

For others, this means that as individuals, organizations and others, you ought to have a clear sense of purpose and a well-defined why to be able to attract the right set of partners and alliances.

Personally, since I've saw this talk, I have used the lessons in every piece of communication that I have created. Or I have worked on. In fact, this talk has inspired me to look hard at how I approach life. It has helped me define my purpose. From someone who wanted to be the richest guy in the world (that time I was 19) to a guy who still wants to be the richest guy in the world (now I am 36), the shift that has happened is that now I have a raison d'etre (to inspire a billion people to live better).

And thus, here's the thing for you.
What is your why?
Why do you exist?
What's your raison d'etre?

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