#SoG124 - 220319, #5onFriday - 5 links that WILL make you smarter!

#SoG 124 - 5 on Friday (220319)

Every Friday, I send a list of 5 things that I have read over the week that have made me pause, think, reflect and all that. Welcome to this week's edition. Without further ado, here are the links for the week.

1. Manhunt. A series on Netflix about the Unabomber.
This has to be the one the best-written shows of all time. I would even compare it with Breaking Bad. And more than the story or the screenplay, I love the dialogues. They are so much love and are in the category of "oh fuck! why did I not write that!"

While the dialogues are great, what makes them amazing is that there are a million life-lessons hidden in plain sight.

I normally don't recommend watching stuff on TV, it is aptly called The Idiot Box, Manhunt is an exception. Oh, and PLEASE do read the Unabomber Manifesto. This is a 56-page document that I found so true in modern times! We are becoming slaves to the very tool that we invented. More on this over a drink :)

2. Long-term games with long-term people
Naval (of Angellist) has started to put out regular podcasts and blog posts. Thank God for that!

He is closest I have to a spiritual beacon - someone I look up to. In the most recent post, he talks about how we ought to identify long-term opportunities and get into partnerships with people that are in it for the long run. And guess what is the factor that makes these long-term engagements work? 8th wonder of the world! See #SoG38.

3. Newsletters ahoy!
This piece in the NY Times talks about how newsletters are essentially the world's oldest social network!

And I love it. Because these days I consume more newsletters than the stuff I read on the websites. And two, I write one. This one! And please do spread the word. I need a thousand true fans!

4. Technology for mass-surveillance.
Read this report/piece.
About IBM. And surveillance.
I don't want to say much. But do read.
In fact, this is the one thing that you can NOT miss from this weeks edition.

Clearly, I have been consuming a lot about crime lately. You know why? Because I am in the #book2 writing mode. This means that while I try to plot a perfect crime and the escape and the detective-ness around it, I need inspiration. And hence all the consumption. In case you are curious, it is crime fiction and should be out by the end of this year. The first book is here.

5. Want to win the lottery?
This post on Vox (I love Vox, Vulture, Vice and everything else that starts from V for what they create) is like a deep-ish look at Lottery and the lure and the winners and the aftermaths and all that. If games of chance excite you, you'd like this one.

6. Bonus. This link.


So, that's it for the day. See you guys tomorrow.
Do tell me what could I write about.
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