#SoG121 - Say no to breakfast!

#SoG121 - Say no to breakfast.

No, I don't mean the food! I mean breakfast meetings. Yet another thing that America has given us. Apart from the likes of Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Lady Gaga, FedEx, Ambition, Consumerism, land of the free and home of the braves. And on top of all, Netflix. Thank God for that!

So, I am guilty of abusing breakfast meetings. I would find empty roads, emptier cafes and even more empty mindspace and I would fill all three. In hopes to get things done. And get more productive. Of course, it worked well. The whole city of Mumbai would be sleeping and I would get this feeling of an extra edge over others. Plus whoever agreed to come in at 8 AM would have a really strong reason to meet me - so that was a great filter! And finally, right after the meeting, I could go to work and feel great to have accomplished so much.


Till I realised yesterday that the 4-hour window in the morning is like Golden Hour for people like me who use their brains and do creative things. Well, what I do may not be too creative but then I am writing a book and I sort of work on brand strategy and then there are these letters and a thousand other things that border on creativity.

Plus now that I sleep at 9 PM and wake up at 4 AM (I try to), I have no one to meet at that ungodly hour! And because there was no one I could not meet, I ended up working. And the quality of work was so so good that I surprised even myself!

I got thinking and I realised that I was wasting the best part of the day by conducting meetings! Pathetic!

So, the thing for the day is, say NO to all breakfast meetings. Rather use that time to create. Or think. Or read. Or whatever else you think can add value to you. And no, meetings are not the thing that would add value.

Oh and when's the best time to conduct meetings? I won't know. I will find out in due time. If you know, please tell me.

Over and out!

Thank you for reading,
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PS: I broke the 6-day streak yesterday when I was out of ideas on what to write. I need to create some sort of structure / funnel.