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#SoG 118. One-Tab.com

I use Google Chrome as my default browser.
Do you? If not, which one?
And I routinely have multiple tabs open on multiple windows.
What I do is, I batch all my work into windows. One window for the book. One for the film. One of researching while writing these letters. One for C4E. Etc.
As a result, I often end up with a million tabs open on a thousand windows.
Which is ok, to be honest.
Just that my two-year-old Air starts to act funny. And I start thinking about getting a new laptop. And how it will be a hassle to port all the data. Etc etc.

The same thing happened today and I was lamenting on Twitter that my laptop is slow af. And this is when Visakan recommended that I get one-tab. It's a free Chrome Extension, available for free on the Chrome web store.

And from 127 tabs open in more than 10 windows, I am down to one window with three tabs.

The computer feels lighter and faster. There is no pressure, no fear that I will lose out on things that I was to read someday (even though I have Pocket). It works like a dream. I am at peace. I am working well. And it feels like a dream. It's like some magical AI has come into my life and made it better. Wish there were more tools like that.

Apart from all the biased praise, some "tangible" advantages of one-tab are:

  1. The computer works faster. For sure.

  2. You get a list of tabs that you had. The list, of course, is handy. You can save it, use it later, share it and all that. You can even make a publically available URL that you can share with the world. Imagine, I made a list for ALL my letters ;P

  3. You can "star" a list of URLs and "lock" them and make those your "starting" page. Right now, I do it using bookmarks (make a folder called Morning and add all the tabs that you want to open in the morning and open this folder in the morning). This is yet another way.

And I am sure more. In fact, you don't need all these to get the free tool. The increased speed of the computer is alone worth the effort of installing.

If you use Chrome, do yourself a favour and install it!

That's it for the day. See you on Monday.

Thank you for reading,
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PS: Last few days I have lost quite a few subscribers. Is this a silent message?
PPS: Another thing that I've been meaning to do lately is to get some sort of information architecture (or a knowledge management tool) in place that allows me to catalogue, store, retrieve, access, connect the dots of and all that. If I am to be a modern-day philosopher and a polymath, I better have this. How do you manage your information? How do you store things and then not forget? On one side I am training my mind to become nimble, uncluttered, simple; on the other, I want to have all the information in the world on my fingertips. I use a variety of tools for that and yet I feel I can do better. What's a good way? What works for you? How do I not let go things go out of sight and thus, out of mind? Help! Please!

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