#SoG116 - 5onFriday, on a Thursday

#SoG 116. A Table. And A Chair.

As I write this, I am at a Mcdonalds - the only good part is that it opens at 7 AM and is sprinkled around the city. Of course the service and cleanliness and hygiene and food and all sucks. But its open. It gives me a table and a chair to sit and read. Or write. Or think. Thank you, McD for that!

Truth be told, I am not sure what to write about today. There are a million thoughts running amok in my head - a few of those could indeed become a letter. A letter that is worth reading. And sharing far and wide.

And because I dont have anything interesting to share, I will share what I planned to share on a Friday. 5 links that you ought to read.

1. The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit. On GQ.
The story of an urban, modern "hermit", Chris Knight (wikipedia).
If you've read about Chris McCandless, you MUST read this one. I dont want to write more and bastardise the piece. Oh, do read what he thinks of Thoreau. Also, while I was reading it, I remembered Brooks and Red. In different contexts. But one word to describe how they felt at Shawshank (and how Chris felt at his camping site) - institutionalised.
PS: I am going to use this theme in book2.

2. Why I hope to die at 75. On Atlantic.
Longevity (and thus life and death) is one of my ongoing interest areas. Typically I read pieces where people are trying to push our mortality. And here is this piece that argues (and uses a lot of data and facts to make the case) that we ought to have an expiry date.

3. Dunning-Kruger Effect
In one line, people that have low ability tend to over-estimate their abilities. You know, a bad cricket player would assume that he's the best. An average writer would over-estimate himself as among the best (hint hint!). Most critics, I would reckon would fall in this category. Unless you are Anton Ego. You would probably see this in action at your workplaces.

4. Eames Lounge Chair (photo above)
One of those rare chairs to have its own Wikipedia page! And for a reason. The chair and the ottoman do NOT have a single nail in it. Priced at about Rs. 6.5 lakhs, this chair set is in my to-buy list. For a day when I have the first billion (and a house where I store things that I want to own). And while you are reading about it, do see the Eames Foundation website.
PS: Along with Rajesh of Fresko Studio, I am trying to make a chair and a table. Let's see how that goes. Or when that happens. Apparently, every designer wants to make a chair. And while I suck with the sketching and all that, I sure can think. And thus the partnership with Rajesh!

5. How to be an artist. Vulture.
This is for the "creative" kinds. Jerry Saltz (I will be honest - I have no clue who he is) has 33 rules for aspiring (and even established) "artists". I love Rule #35. Yeah, #35. I like #5. Thats something that I keep telling everyone around me. I even love what he says about Subway!
What about you? Which is your favorite?

Bonus, # 6. The Secrets of The World's Greatest Art Thief. On GQ.
Fascinating read. Made me question my understanding of morality, theft, desire, adventure and more. I am moved to a point that I am committed that someday I would be a modern day Thomas Crown. Or a Stéphane Breitwieser.

Thank you for reading,
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