#SoG115 - Steam the fuck out of your nose!

#SoG 115. Steam!

You know when you grow up in a middle-class home in India, you rely on dadi-nani ka nuskhas more than anything else. Mine was no different. We relied on things like garam paani, multani mitti, aamla, almonds soaked in water and other such things to treat even the most painful of ailments. And they worked their magic. They were failproof. Like Ram Baan failproof.

The top of the list was this thing call steam. The thing could open clogged noses like magic. And as a side effect, made you a tad fairer. And if your skin has the color of mine, you need all the fairness you could get. Anyhow. Coming back.

Over time, life got busy and access to medicines became easier. And we wanted faster solutions that were convenient and created less mess. And thus, I forgot this thing called steam.

Till a few days back.
Where I stumbled on the concept of steam while I was reading about sauna and cold showers and other such things. Thanks to Wim Hof and Dave Asprey and others.

And this is when the memories of the hot steam on my face, in my nose and in my head came back. The first few moments were painful. And then I remembered the good parts. Of how I would feel fresh as a daisy! The face would have that glow that only those fairness creams (and love) can promise! You know what am talking about. Don't you?

And then I thought, why not give it a shot!
I have no clue I even had a steamer at home!
I did.
And I felt so good that I could go out and win the fucking world!
No really.
I could.
I will.

More than anything else, the nose gets unclogged and you can actually breathe. If you are in a city like Mumbai or Delhi, you ought to spend time on this. Do a before and after steam thing and you would know the difference it makes.

Don't trust me? You don't have to. The Internet is full of pages and pages of content about how steam is good for your skin. See this search result.

I am so sure of this steam nuskha that I've making this a part of my daily routine. Among other things like meditation, journaling, tracking my calorie intake, tracking my expenses et al. And it looks like something that I will do for a long long time to come.

Lesson of the day?
Try it.
A basic steamer is on Amazon for less than 200 bucks.
If you dont like it, you can return. VC money you see ;P

That's it for the day. Lemme know if you try it.

Thank you for reading,
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PS: Do tell me if you notice any difference in my complexion.