#SoG107 - #noLetter

#SoG 107. #noLetter

Had a busy day and thus unable to write today's letter. But I HAVE to send a letter and if not a lesson per se, here are three links that you could see and get inspired to live better.

So, three things.

a. Greatest #lifehack of all time? Get up early!
Want to be that? Here's how.
In case you wish to avoid reading the piece, in toto, the author says that you need to sleep on time, get up and stare at the sun and have something to work on. Lately, I have started working on #book2 and that has made me find that spring in stride that I had missed! What can you work on? What can you dedicate your life to that is larger than you?

b. Netflix anyone?
Just found this list where they've made a list of top 50 movies on Netflix right now. Some of these may not be available in your countries but I am sure you can spot something that excites you. Tell me which one do you end up seeing.

c. What I talk about when I talk about running? (Buy on Amazon)
Read this piece.
If you are not inspired to do more, I would change my name. :D

Thank you for reading,

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P.S.: Last few posts, I have made a ton of mistakes. And some of you have pointed out the bugs. And that means that all 32% of you that open these emails regularly are actually reading it. Yay!