#SoG104 - 010319, #5onFriday - 5 links that WILL make you smarter!

#SoG104 - 010319 - #5onFriday

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SoG 105 - 5 on Friday (010319)
Every Friday, I send a list of 5 things that I have read over the week that have made me pause, think, reflect and all that.

Welcome to this week's edition.

1. You know gene editing is here. Don't you? Read this story on how a Chinese scientist (or was he a researcher?) used the help of CRISPR to alter their, well, genes (and thus brains to make them immune to HIV and to make them better at cognition and memory). The days of those fabled superhumans are not far! Scary. Exciting. And bordering on ethical questions.

2. Last few days I have been watching a lot of movies. You know why? Because I am producing one. But that's not the story. The story is that the movies that I am watching are invariably about heists and all that. And I really think I ought to try something on the lines. No, not make a movie per se but actually rob a bank! Or steal a painting. And while I was thinking about it (really am), I saw this article on GQ that talks about the secrets of World's Greatest Art Thief. Read it. Fascinating piece.

3. As I write this, I broke a 16-hour fast with a handful of bhujia and indori sev. And the very act of eating these two has made me feel unhealthy. Brings me to the next link. This piece on Bloomberg talks about healthy countries. India is not in the top 56. I must move to Europe or Japan soon. Unless I want to die young. You?

4. Now that I know that I dying soon without robbing a bank, I thought why not retire early. And this is where this piece was some help. What do you think?
Also, Ankit (a long-time friend, advisor and co-conspirator on a lot of things runs 60to45.com where he talks about his ideas and plans that can help you retire at 45. Though he hasn't updated the blog in a while, hopefully, this will act as a trigger for him to start writing again. Ankit, are you listening?

5. To inspire Ankit (and others) on writing, here's a video where Kurt Vonnegut talks about Shape of Stories. This is not just useful for people who write, but for people who want to create communication that is impactful and lasting. See it. In fact, may I say that if there is one thing that you must consume from this letter, this is it!

That's it for the day. See you guys tomorrow.
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Note. Like I said two Fridays ago, each Friday, rather than a lesson (or an observation or something), I will write about 5 things that caught my eye in the week gone by. And like so many other things, this one has been inspired by Tim Ferriss (see 5-bullet Friday where he curates 5 things that he's "loving"). And these five things that I list will come from various disciplines that I am interested in (entertainment, books, business, inspirational things, poker, health, travel, popcorn, China, entrepreneurship, politics, chess, life, family etc).