#SoG99 - Virtue Signalling

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SoG 99 - Virtue Signalling
Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtue_signalling.

Now here are some exhibits.

A. You know how there are some people that always have the absolute right thing to say at the right times? And you know that they don't mean it. They merely signal it.

B. Think about those people who talk out loud that they are nationalist and patriots and when it comes to doing things for the country, they would merely push a tweet and move on with their lives? Those armchair activists? The ones that send the signals out that they're patriots.

C. Or maybe think of all those people that claim their affiliation to a specific religion by being overtly loud (and placing large "things" around them to symbolise their patronage).

D. Or, you know how people refuse to buy plastic bottles (because they want to show-off their support for the movement) and all the while wasting reams and reams of paper on drying the glasses that they wash with so much water than the entire oceans could run dry?

E. While we are at it, think of all those attempts of changing your profile DPs to show "support" for "popular" causes? No, I am not dissing any cause but I am merely making you aware of the pitfalls!

F. Also, do think about these Bollywood stars that suddenly start talking about things that they have no relationship with (or understanding of or reason with). They just do it because they want to be in the public eye and this signalling of the virtuous behaviour will get them brownie points!

G. Think about that guy in your gang that has all the jargons to throw around while working and has all the names that you can drop. But when it comes to work, he's all talk. And none of his jargons or names actually helps!


All these seven exhibits are examples of behaviour that we could classify as Virtue Signalling.

So, what is Virtue Signalling?
I found the best definition of Virtue Signalling on the Wikipedia piece. It says that "British author James Bartholomew used the term to describe public, empty gestures intended to convey socially approved attitude without any associated risk or sacrifice."

Empty Gesture.
Intended to convey socially approved attitude.
Without any associated risk.

Hope you get it.
If you don't, please do read the Wikipedia piece at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtue_signalling.

And, the lesson for you?
Look at your actions / thoughts / opinions.
And see how many of YOUR actions are mere signals of virtue!
And if you can spot some, how about fixing them?

Look at people around you.
Are they really concerned?
Or are they merely signalling?
Do you want to stick to them?
Or do you want to find a better company?

One More Thing
You know, while reading about Virtue Signalling, I realised that these letters and my whole approach to life could be a mere, elaborate attempt at virtue signalling!
Fuck! The mind is blown!
Need to think hard.

Until next time!

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1. I have been blocked by NN Taleb on twitter. I suspect he found one of my tweets as an attempt at virtue signalling.

2. Tomorrow morning on, I am on the road for about 5 days (for work - I am producing an event). My access to a computer, to the Internet and to free time in general will be severly limited. In all probablity, I will not be able to write in. If I can, it will be a bonus.