#SoG98 - Laughter the #lifeHack

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SoG 98 - Laughter the #lifeHack
This is something that I should've written weeks ago!
This is so central to our existence that it's not funny.

And what is it?
The funny business.
Things that make you laugh.

So, here's this lifehack that I think is among the most powerful ones (apart from A, getting up at 5 AM and B, meditating) that us human knows of.


There are so many examples and references for this in our culture.
From daadi-naani nuskhas of laughter keeping your blood moving to psychological and physiological advantages of laughing, there is evidence that if you laugh, you actually come across as little more pleasing to the world outside.

In fact, laughter has a million other advantages.
It relaxes you and it releases endorphins (the happy chemical) and apparently keeps the heart healthy and active!
In India, laughter holds even greater and so much significant position that there are hordes after hordes dedicated to getting up early, gathering at public spaces and just laughing! And all this without rhyme or reason. Based on their belief. Wow!

Also, the thing with laughter is that while you often "do" it by yourself, the advantages that you get while you are laughing are comparable to the kinds you get when you are with your people!
Fuck advantages.
The fact that you are not dependant on anyone else to experience the state of bliss.
You are independent and you are free to indulge in at a time that you want to!

Laughter is also a pretty cheap thing to experience.
I mean, you just log in to an OTT platform and you are on. If you wish to spend time away from a computer/mobile, you can spend time with a friend who's funny.
Or you can merely read one of those million authors that have the gift that can make their readers laugh! I, for example, am clearly not one of these people! :)

The thing for the day ladies and gents?
Make laughter as yet another staple food. Apart from sleep, nutrition, meditation, journaling and all that.

And of course, you are free to choose the kind of things that you want to laugh with (after all, one man's Peter is another man's Pan). But do choose one. Find your groove. Don't be embarrassed by your choices. Just pick one and enjoy the ride. And laugh like a child.

That's about it. See you guys tomorrow!
As a dear friend Jeetu signs off, keep laughing, keep smiling!

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A. MailChimp Mania
Since I have moved to Mailchimp, my relationship with this series of letters has changed. In the sense that this is no longer a pursuit of an altruistic thing. This is what happens when you "insert" a coke bottle in tribe untouched by the world at large. God's must indeed be crazy! If not for him, I am crazy for sure. Here are a few things that have changed for me.
a. I now have numbers. In terms of the percentage of recipients that open the email. And the clicks on links. Till I did not have this data, I would tell myself that I am ok even if one person reads these religiously. Now that I know about 30% of recipients read my emails, I am more anxious :(
b. Replies have dried up. I don't know why. Maybe the content is not appealing enough. Or maybe they're landing in an unmonitored mailbox where monkeys from MailChimp gobble em up. God only knows.
c. I was tracking the number of words I write EACH day and I would religiously log those into a tracker. I would also create an archive of these letters (laboriously copy-pasting the email into a Google Doc and adding them to this folder). I no longer do that. And no, I am not ok with this.

B. My choice of things that I laugh along?
Here's a small list. And if you think this is cringe-worthy, please do point out better sources :).

  • The Big Bang Theory

  • FIR

  • Taarak Mehta

  • Krishna and Sudesh

  • Dalveer and Satbir

And more in this zone. You?