#SoG97 - 150219 (5onFriday)

#SoG97 - 150219 (#5onFriday)

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SoG 97 - 5 links on a Friday
Hello hello!

I have survived yet another week. I wasn't in the pink of health but like I said, I survived. And I am grateful for that. You must be too. Who else will pester you with these emails if I am dead?

Ok enough. Like I said last Friday, each Friday, rather than a lesson (or an observation or something), I will write about 5 things that caught my eye in the week gone by. And like so many other things, this one has been inspired by Tim Ferriss (see 5-bullet Friday where he curates 5 things that he's "loving"). And these five things that I list will come from various disciplines that I am interested in (entertainment, books, business, inspirational things, poker, health, travel, popcorn, China, entrepreneurship, politics, chess, life, family etc).

In fact, last Friday's letter has got me more replies than average. And I am encouraged to do this #5onFriday lot more often!

So, without further ado, 5 things that caught my eye this week are...

1. Top 1%

I don't have a link for this but I do have a picture. See this. And lemme give a context as well. I have friends that make at least 10x compared to me and yet they complain of their poor lives they live (despite them owning properties and cars and access to 10 servants and all that). When I tell them that they are among the richest Indians, they laugh at me. And all this while I did not have data to tell them that they were wrong.

Now I do. If you make more than 50 lakhs per annum in India, you ARE in the top 1%!

See this chart. And stop crying!

2. Love junk food?
Blame it on science. Of course. And something called the bliss point.
You know, when you drink a beverage, you want to have a "mouthful" of a swig or a "fist-full" of nuts? Read this piece to know more!
Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/24/magazine/the-extraordinary-science-of-junk-food.html

3. Role of women in STEM and Startups
Enough has been said and written about it. However, enough is still not done! I hope this oldish piece titled "Jessica" inspires you to initiate change.
Link: http://paulgraham.com/jessica.html

You know what ASMR is?
You know that screeching sound that chalk makes against the blackboard?
You know that feeling when you run a sharp object against your scalp?
When someone moves the fingertips gingerly against your thighs?
That faint whispering sound in your ears?
All these are examples of "autonomous sensory meridian response". Aka ASMR.

And guess what? It is a really really big cottage industry! Big to a point that its pioneers have their respective psychological battles to fight!

Do read this piece to know about the fascinating things that we don't know that we don't know! And once you're done reading about things that you don't know, do read about ASMR at https://www.wired.co.uk/article/child-asmr-video-stars-on-youtube.

5. The Love Story
You know how Valentine's Day came and went and every brand fell over each other to own the inclusiveness and all that? Well, no comments on that but here is a story that I read and make me go awww.
Read https://longreads.com/2019/01/18/the-gift-economy.

That's about it. Like I said, no pattern. And this week I have offered you more words to read than I've written in all my life (can you guess how many words have I written on my blog over the last 15 years?).

Have a great weekend. Do let me know what you think of this week's curation.

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  2. Personal comment. Today I met this guy who changed the way I look at the business of entertainment and films. I am inspired to explore more and actually make films some day. I will write about it on my personal blog soon.