#SoG95 - Create. Not Consume.

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SoG 95 - Create. Not Consume.
Hello! I missed the letter yesterday. Was unwell. Been unwell for almost 10 days now. Last things I did before I feel sick? I don't recall. But I was in a room with a guy smoking non-stop, a big dog lurking around and a fan running on full speed. And a day prior to that, I had one Gin. I am not sure what caused the headache and running nose and bouts of fever. But whatever it is, it has persisted for some days now. And I don't like it. It does not allow me to be as energetic as I want to be.


The thing for the day?
Create. Not consume.
So there are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who create and the ones who consume.
There is a third type as well. The ones that manage. I'd not talk about those for the time being. Stay with me and you'd know why I have such disdain for em!

So, two kinds of people.
A. The ones that create.
Create means bringing a new thing to life.
These are writers, poets, painters, hackers, musicians, artists and others of the ilk. They imagine a thing and they bring that thing to life. They use this magical thing called creativity and make a thing that did not exist before. They give birth. Birth is as magical a thing that moves the world around. Think of that magical act where they pull that rabbit out of that hat!

B. The ones that consume.
Think of all the Netflix you’ve seen. Think of all the videos on YouTube that you’ve seen. Think of all the time you’ve invested in reading all the comics that give you the bragging rights in those parties.

While these things entertained you, made you have a great time, establish you as a knowledgable person, you’ve literally “wasted” the time that you could’ve used to create.


Why do I talk about these people?
In my opinion, the ones that create, the ones that work on creating original things deserve (and often get) higher rewards. Make a list of the richest people in the world. Make a list of the most influential people in the world. Think of all those that have pushed the human race forward. What is common to all those? Each of them, without an exception, is a creator. Unless you’ve inherited it from your family :)

Lesson for the day?
You have a choice to make. Do you want to be a consumer? Use all the time to merely acquaint yourself with the greatest work created by the greatest people?

Or you want to take a shot at greatness, risk that you’d live like a pauper and die an anonymous death? To be able to one day see millions look at your work and get inspired? Do you want to be at a party and debate with other drunks about someone else’s work? Or you want to be that person that gets discussed at these parties?

What would you pick? Which side are you on?

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Other things that come to my head while I write this...

  1. Why would I want to create? Life’s too small to live. Rather than grinding through the painful process of creating, I can actually take it easy and just consume. Others can create all that they want to.

  2. What if I am not good at all? What I create is all BS? What if critics slaughter my work? How would I go face my people? Two-word answer. Anton Ego. See https://youtu.be/-JPOoFkrh94.

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