#SoG158 - #noLetter

#noLetter (#SoG158)

I could not send one yesterday. Despite multiple promises. Sigh. And the funny bit is that I don't have anything special to say today either. So, you may choose to not read.

For the ones that want to indulge me, here are a few things that I am thinking on. And could be useful :)

So, here is a list of things that I am thinking about.

ONE. Seth Godin's blog.
I try and NOT miss these daily emails from Seth. In today's mail, he talks about something that I am facing today. While he talks about digging deep enough to be able to make that dent, I interpret it as the inability to find a thing to research enough about that I can teach. You know what am saying? Remember what they say about learning by teaching?

Side Note. Lately, I am getting interested in learning about crypto and blockchain. Anyone wants me to teach them? Lemme know!

TWO. Perfection vs Progress.
A good friend asked me a simple question. How do I send things even when I know that they are not good enough?

While I can rant about it for hours, I have a simpler solution.
Go read #SoG36 :) I wrote about EXACTLY this there.
It may be a good idea to revisit it.
Here is a snippet.

The point is, rather than sitting on the fence and trying to perfect things, you are better off if you ship! You may not be perfect but you will make progress.

THREE. #noLetter till the 10th of May.
I know you know that starting Saturday, I am taking a break from these letters. Primarily because I will be travelling and will have very limited access to a computer and the internet. And second, because I want to rethink the future of these letters. These have served me well and I want to scale up. This could mean I stop writing and get onto the podcast bandwagon. Or I could start writing long-form content that is a lot deeper.

What would you want to see?
I made this poll on twitter.
Do you want to add your inputs there?

If I were to take up content-creation as a full-time job, what kind of things should I create?

— SG (@saurabh) April 25, 2019

FOUR. Twitter.
What else? So I am thinking if I want to increase the reach that I have on Twitter, how do I go about it? Do you have any ideas? How did you guys scale your audience? How do you know others do? No. I don't want to go the paid promotion route - I get kachra people to follow. I need a good mix of amazing thinkers and kachras and that's the trouble.


And with this, end of the letter.
Nothing new to add, to be honest.
But I had to send one.
I did not send one yesterday and I can NOT miss two days in a row.
Thanks for your patience.

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