[RANT] #SoG155 - Become indispensable.

Become indispensable. (#SoG155)

Lemme launch into the discourse right away.

The very nature of the world and the life and the universe that we live in is based on one fundamental principle - change is the only constant.

The thing of the day is, can you beat that?

Can you become that Sun that keeps on burning? Does not stop shining? Become that thing around which all the planets rotate and revolve? That thing that feeds and infects and inspires others with your energy and enthusiasm and passion?

Could you be that North Star that guides the lost ones? Can you be that person that others rely on? Can you become indispensable? Can you make others stop in their tracks? Can you make them restart once they've interacted with you?

The thing for the day is, whatever you do (in terms of work, play, life etc), can you get so good so good that you can't be ignored. More. Not just ignored, you become indispensable. You are like Ethan Hunt. You are called back from your retirement to solve things that are so simple to you and yet are next to impossible for others. You are the person that a client remembers long after you are gone. They want you to be the person that controls that magic button. You are that person that has myths floating about. People talk about you all the time. They miss you when you are gone. You are etched in their hearts and heads and minds and souls and collective imagination. And in the memories. And in every pore of the thing that make them up. You know you become a part of them. Your very existence, your effort, your work, your output is the thing that they crave for when you are gone. They would do whatever it takes to get you back. Pay you an insane amount of money to start with. You know, you sort of productify yourself!



The question, ladies and gents is, can you become indispensable?

Thanks for your time,
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PS: Got inspiration for this after I saw this video in the morning (thanks Krishna for the link) and I realised that I ought to hold myself to a higher standard! Ditto for you. Do that one thing every day - even if you are not doing it well enough.

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