#SoG154 - Every 6 months...

Every 6 months... (#SoG154)

So, you know that you are the sum total of 5 people that you hang out with. Right? The entire world agrees and of course, I have said this multiple times at multiple places. The idea is fairly simple. You spend time with people and you learn from them. You pick their traits, you tend to speak like them, you become them! And they become you. Assuming you guys are open to learning and all that. In effect, if you hang out with great people, you have a high probability of becoming great!


Until there is nothing new left to learn from the people you've been hanging out with.

In fact, I'd venture out and say that if every 6 months, you are not changing your 5-people-that-you-hang-out-with, you're doing it wrong. This is my opinion. And you could be right by deciding to stick to the ones that you've always been with!

Thing is, you need to upgrade with time.
You need to be on this perpetual, steep learning curve. You know, how as a kid you learn a new thing every day? Why do you want to stop doing that after you grow up?

Plus, you ought to upgrade skills.
When you started your career, you must be at a junior position. With time and promotions, your role would have made you do new things. And you would have picked things demanded by the new role by getting yourself trained. Or by the virtue of time you would have spent in your role before your promotion. You continued to learn new things. And you would have met new people. You had to upgrade your skills as you grew in your career. Why stop now?

Plus, you ought to upgrade yourself as a human being.
You know, in all realms - physical, emotional, metaphorical, logical, in the head, in your heart and all that. Someone said the only thing constant is change. And if you don't change along with the change happening around you, you would probably, you know, perish! I don't have an example for this one.

And, so, in life, you ought to find new people, new friends, new acquaintances, new top-5. Often. In fact, every 6 months, if not every 3. Get the drift?

Oh, and here are some disclaimers before you decide to castrate me.

  1. I am NOT saying you leave your friends (or the ones that have helped you when you were growing up or when you needed them) on the sidelines as you grow. You stay friends. You help them if they need you. You do everything that can make them better. You, of course, retain them. After all, relationships compound. But you ought to be selfish and take a conscious decision to limit the time that you spend with them. And yes, I have done this. Trust me. Ask my friends.

  2. In an ideal world, you and your friends ought to grow each other so that you don't need to find new people every 6 months. The newer, grown version of you and your friends could be the thing that you would otherwise seek in new people! But then, in my experience, I've found that not everyone is this driven. If you are, can I be friends with you? Please?

  3. Again, ideally, the top-5 must be the ones that fan your flames.

That's about it.
Good luck with finding people that nudge you in a direction where you ought to go!

Thanks for your time,
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PS: The idea got crystallized when I was talking to Shivani last weekend. Thank you!

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