[SoG] Need your help!

Help me? With this Curse of Curiosity!

Good morning, ladies and gents!

I am back after the long, uncomfortable radio silence!
Something that I frown upon, especially in this day and age!

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I do have a long list of reasons, excuses, and answers for this leave of absence but I think that's not something that you would want to listen to. Especially when I am writing in after a while.

Plus, today is a break from regular programming.
I mean I will not talk about things that nudges you to be better. But I will talk about a problem that I have been grappling for some time now. And I seek your help with it!

The TLDR version is, I have this "curse of curiosity" and I create so much content that I don't know how to manage it. How do I ensure that this multi-disciplinary content (and often unconnected repository of data points) I have is useful, actionable and impactful to you and to my tribe? What can I do to ensure that you get value from EACH piece of communication that I send out?

Hit reply and please tell me how!
And in case you want to read more, the longish story follows...

So, as an individual, I am curious about and interested in WAAAAAAYYY too many things, and these range from poker to travel to writing to music to starting up to marketing to podcasting to newsletters to productivity to films to books to I don't even know what all.

And like most other people that have this "curse of curiosity", I also tend to chase as much as I can on each of these disciplines and acquire more. More knowledge, more information, more connections, more people, more content. And more more!

And I do this by reading a lot, meeting (and picking brains of) people that are deep into these disciplines, thinking more about these (often superficially), experimenting, tinkering, and of course, WRITING! After all, I think better when I write.

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Thus, as a result, I've become a prolific writer on these disciplines.

And my writing output comes in various shapes and sizes - from scribbles to tweets to notes to blogposts to letters to essays to books! And I have way too many words on way too many things spread across way too many places on the Internet.

So, while I may have more than a million words out there, I can at any point only refer to a few hundred. And these may not be of any use to anyone! Imagine creating so much useless content! Like a mountain of garbage!

The biggest challenge is that not everyone is like me and not everyone is interested in so many things! So if you are a real estate baron, you may not be interested in hard sciences and if I send something about interplanetary travel, it may not pique your curiosity and you would stop finding value in my content. And that is NOT acceptable to me at all.

Another example. You are interested in films and have no inclination to read about the financial crisis looming large. Again, you would not find value in the content around that.

Get the drift?

The question thus, ladies and gents, is, how do I manage all the content that I write, publish, share, push, etc? Where do I publish all the content so that it is useful and fits into some structure? And the most important of them all, how do I ensure that this multi-disciplinary content (and often unconnected repository of data points) I have is useful, actionable and impactful to you and to my tribe? What can I do to ensure that you get value from the EACH piece of communication that I send?

That's the question I seek help with!

The curse of curiosity.
The weight of wanting to contribute.
Help me with it :)

Maybe, hit reply and type out whatever you think is better.
Or send me a message on WhatsApp!

That's about it for the time being.

Oh, by the way, along with a couple of friends, I have started to offer this FREE masterclass in taking effective notes. So far we have delivered it to 200+ people and almost everyone has had great things to say about it! Yay! We are conducting yet another free session of the same on Sunday the 16th, at 5 PM. In case you wish to attend the same, please do let me know and I will ensure that you are a part of it!

Thanks for reading!


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