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Good Evening! I am sorry that I could not send this sooner. But der aaye, durust aaye!
Today's a short one.
Actually, technically, this is again a 3000-word tome like the one on notes.
But I am trying to send this in parts. This is Part 1.

6 Levels of Knowledge!
So, from whatever I have read, there are 6 levels of abstraction when it comes to knowledge. This chart (don't know the author; found this on the internet) explains it well.

If you've understood the chart well, you can stop here. In case you need more gyaan, read on.

From what I understand, these are 6 levels...

All of us have similar access to all the unconnected, disparate data points. These are single chunks available at various places. Think breadcrumbs spread all over your kitchen. You know they are there. You can see them. You can geek on the fact that you have so many of those!

But they are unusable. You can't fix your hunger with those.

Another example. I know that the sonic boom happens when you breach the speed of sound. That's an interesting data point to know. But I don't know what to do with it.

So, some of these data points could actually be meaningful and useful for us. These can find application in our lives and work. It's like those larger breadcrumbs that I can munch on.

The key here is usefulness. Data is not useful. Information is.

For example, it is useful to know that if I am sleepy and if I have a strong coffee, I can stay awake for longer. This is information. And information often helps you survive. Please do take note. I will come back to this eventually.

When multiple pieces of information connect, it becomes knowledge. Usefulness becomes actionable. This action-ness is the first time when knowledge starts to emerge from the web of data and information. You are finally on your way to being wise! This is the least you need for your growth!

For example, I have a big presentation where I need to explain sonic booms to people. To be able to do it, I will need to read a lot and stay alert and focused. For that, I will need to consume some coffee. I will also have to switch off distractions to be able to focus. And I will have to gather all data points relevant to sonic booms and arrive at a thesis or an interpretation that is valuable for others. This value could be often be exchanged (and allows me to make money). And to be able to arrive at and deliver this value, I will have to club multiple data points and information pieces in a meaningful manner!

This is when those light bulb moments happen! You arrive at insights that are unique to you. You of course arrive at these by building on the knowledge and insight and wisdom and understanding of others. You are literally standing on the shoulders of the giants! But then, you arrive at a unique take on things, that not a lot of others have. You can now charge exponentially higher than what you would charge for your knowledge.

For example, for the sonic boom example, you learn that to understand and then explain the sonic boom to others, you need to find an experiment that demonstrates the boom (rather than presenting with long-ass charts and all that). In the pursuit of the elusive experiment, you talk to others that know a lot more about sonic booms. You compress all their learnings into one pithy, compact nugget that gives the flavor like nothing else. And you communicate that further to others.

This far more valuable output allows you to charge for your experience (and not for your time). You start to thrive! You know compounding? Do see SoG v1-38 on compounding.

This is where you have enough insights about multiple things in life that you start applying these to live better. And more importantly, contribute to others. This is where you start to flourish! You start creating meaning!

You become a source of rich "knowledge" and insight on things as wide and disconnected as writing, sonic booms, health, coffee, and a lot more. You become that someone that people seek out when they need help. You become a teacher and become this "expert" that people want to engage with. You essentially start inspiring others to do more with their lives.

Of course, this takes time and maybe this is why they call you the wise old man?

This is up there on Maslow's pyramid! You are almost a Buddha now.
Ok, kidding.
So, you understand things at a deeper, subconscious, subliminal level. You just know. Without needing to explain things to others. Or to even yourself. You no longer need to process individual pieces of information. You know, you are chunking up to the highest level. This is where you start contributing in the real sense.

The point of the awareness of these six?
Remember those words that I underlined?
Let's revisit those.
Survival -> Growth -> Thriving -> Flourishing -> Contributing

So, like other things in life, you go through these stages. And as you move up these abstractions, these levels, you learn more and life seems to get some meaning! And the act of laddering up keeps the chakra of life going!

If you stay stuck at one particular level, you sort of stop this chakra. And this leaves your deeply discontented and all that. I know this sounds like some mystical BS but I really think there is merit. Think about it.

That's it!

Do lemme know what you think.

Oh, and good luck as you try to find your way to the next level of abstraction that you MUST climb up to. If I could be any help in your endeavor and your journey, please do let me know :)

PS: I started these SoGs because I thought I had enough knowledge, insight, and wisdom to contribute to others! And the act of writing and sending these letters would help me arrive at an understanding. But clearly, I am still at the information level. The object of these letters has thus changed from attempting to teach the readers to solidify my learning by writing.

PPS: I did not have a lot of time to write this one. Please do excuse in case of typos.


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