[SoG] What is your personal NPS? Find out here!

Personal NPS for self!

Hello hello! How's it going?

You know what NPS is?
Net Promoter Score.
More details on Wikipedia.

In simple parlance, it essentially is a score that you arrive at to understand how consumers perceive your business. Lemme explain.

How do you calculate a NPS?
Step 1: You ask a simple question. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being lowest), how likely are you to (a customer) recommend our product to your trusted connections?

Step 2: Depending on the score, you classify your respondents in three buckets.
Promoters - 9 or 10
Detractors - 0 to 6
Sleepers - 7 and 8

Step 3: Your NPS = num(Promoters) - num(detractors)

To make it more complex, you can do a percentage (divide the entire thing by the total number of respondents). But a simplistic version of just a simple subtraction works.

Ok, the idea for me? To get better?
How about at the end of each day you make a list of ALL things that you did. Include things like how much coffee you had, how sad were you during the day, how many windows did you leave open. Etc etc.

Depending on how that task makes you feel, put a smiley next to those things.

:) - Things that make you smile
:( - Things that make you sad
:| - Things that you can't decide

Count the three types of smileys.

Now subtract :( from :).

The number is your personal NPS of the day.

And you as a person must try to have a positive NPS on most days. Simple.

Following images are my NPS for two different days. Apologies for the simple mathematical error in one of those three...

That's about it for the time being. Do tell me about your score!


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