[SoG] If you were a teenager?

If you could be a teenager again?

Hello! Good evening.

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And now, without further ado, here's some food for thought. A few days ago, one of my mentors asked me to do this...

List down 10 things u would do differently for yourself if you could start again from being a teenager.

Guess who ;P


So I got thinking and here's my answer. And in order of what I would take if I could.

1. I would invest.
Whatever little amount I could.
When I was a teenager, I would have got pennies for pocket money but I would invest. By now, in 20 years, thanks to compounding, it would be a substantial sum. Maybe enough to allow me to not work on the day of writing this.
The goal would be to become financially independent by 35.

2. Start a business asap.
I did do those comic stalls and rent out my video games and all that but I would do more. The kinds that start giving me some capital so I could invest it and build a compounding machine.
The goal would be to have more than 5 revenue streams. Each generating almost equal cash flow.

3. I would spend more time with my parents and family.
After all, in the future, time would get scarce, how so ever hard I may try.
No goal here per se.

4. I would make better friends.
The ones that I can count on when I need them.
And the ones that I could learn from (and not just the ones that lived in the proximity). Most people I call friends are merely there because it was convenient for them and for me. And in the long run, in the time of adversity, convenience runs out.
No goal here per se.

5. I would go to a better college and get a better education.
I did go to fairly good colleges but I think I got lucky.
Thing is, I was so so so unaware about life and career when I was a teenager that I just went with the flow and drifted wherever life took me. And the pattern has stayed with me! I would take the conscious call to go to the best educational institution that I could and try hard to get in.
Goal would be to get to one of the top 5 colleges / universities in the country (if not the world) for my education.

6. I would learn how to code.
I was exceptional at it in college but I lost the plot once I started with my MBA.
I would do this to be able to be more independent of others. Of course, back then I would not have known that code will rule the world!
Goal would be able to code an MVP for any product that I may think of.

7. I would travel more.
The thing is, I am lucky to have traveled far and wide. And whatever little I know, I learned because I could travel so much!
So, travel more.
I would make a goal of traveling to 100 countries till the time I was 30.

8. I would learn a musical instrument.
No reason. I like the idea of being able to make friends with things that do not need language skills.
Goal would be able to play any music on guitar on any stage.

9. I would take care of my fitness.
I am reasonably ok for my age (probably not?) but I would want to be fitter so that I can do more. Plus I enjoyed sports as a kid. That went for a toss when I went for my MBA and then subsequent work life.
Goal would be able to run a half-marathon in less than 3 hours.

10. I'll get more active in the community.
In the sense that I would want to be more active in the world that has given me everything that I have. If not for the community, then what?
I don't know the goal.


That's about it. What about you?
What would you do different if you could go back to being a teenager?
Batao batao. Tell tell.

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