[SoG] 60 days, 60 minutes, No distractions

60 days, 60 minutes, No distractions

Hello, ladies and gents!

Trust you are doing good. All is safe, happy and healthy at your end.

So, it's been 7 days since I've been doing this 60-days, 60-minutes of no-distraction meditation thingy.

And here is an invitation to do the same.

What is it?
The idea is fairly simple. After you wake up in the morning, just sit in silence for 60-minutes at a stretch WITHOUT any distractions (no devices, no notebooks, no tea, nothing else). You may choose to meditate, may choose to think about things that you are working on, stare at your partner sleeping next to you, observe a thing out of your window. Do whatever but do it for 60-minutes without a break.

And do it for 60 days.

Where did this come from?
Naval, probably the only guy that I consider my spiritual guru (though he's not a guru per se) put this tweet out to introduce it. Here's a screenshot.

Any risks?
I don't know. Apart from investing 3600 hours of your time.

Any science-based backing?

Why am I doing this?
Like I said often, I trust Naval more than anyone else to show me the way. If he thinks it works, it works for me. And I am going to find out by myself. I am committed to it. And because we are in lockdown, it's easy for me to do so. So, why not?

I know once we are out from there, it would be tough. But I am trying to build stamina and train myself for it. And they say that it takes just 20 hours to learn a new thing (remember my last letter?). I am hoping that in 20 days, I would be a pro at it!

If you are in it, do let me know and I can share some tips, ideas, thoughts on it.
If you are not in, well, it's cool. :)

Ok, what else?
That's about it for the day. However, if you are in the mood to read more, here is my today's blogpost on my blog. Here's a snippet from it...

In terms of headspace, thanks to Naval's 60-day meditation challenge, I have been thinking hard about things. Harder than I've ever thought. And on things that are important. And has made me realize things that I never knew about myself. For example, today I realized that I am no longer a details person. I like to think and execute the macro and want someone else to do the dirty work. Of course, no ships were built by people that did not do the dirty work themselves but if that's a tradeoff I have to make, I will! At the age I am at, while I do want to learn new things and upskill myself, I do not want to undo what I have.

That's it for the day. See you guys soon (hopefully).

Oh, and in case you choose to do this, welcome aboard :)

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