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So today is the third day of the third avatar of my newsletter. And on this third day, I really really want you to read the very third letter that I sent in the SoG series (sent exactly a year ago).

Among other things, it talks about the rule of three. It basically is "used majorly in writing (see this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_three_(writing)) and other similar disciplines (comedy, performing arts etc)..."

Further, "the law finds application at multiple places. You know three lives that you got when you played Super Mario? Contra? Or most other computer games?
Three meals of the day?
Three steps to success?
Three wishes that you could make from the genie?"

Get the drift?

So, continuing with the rule of three, with SoGv3, I will talk about the three things that I think us humans must chase if we are to live happier. Oh, I know that Happiness is a touchy subject. But we still chase it. American's even wrote in their declaration of freedom that pursuit of happiness is a fundamental right!

So these three things (or three categories that we will talk about) are...
1. Health
2. Worldly Wisdom / Decision Making
3. Happiness!

And here are the reasons why I want to take up these three things...

Health - I am 37 and it is increasingly become difficult to stay alert for long periods and get things done. I was told by everyone that I needed to be healthy but I always ignored them. Now, I think is the time when I need to focus on my health. There is so much I want to do and if I am not healthy, I cant do shit. Literally. Plus I believe that I will live till 120. And I don't want to be a vegetable when I am 120. You know, I want to be physically active at that age. So, more I read and share about health, better it is for me. And for you.

Worldly Wisdom - If you are reading this email, you are lucky to have knowledge of English as a language and have access to the Internet. You've got dealt a great hand at Ovarian Lottery. And now, either we can squander this away with trolls and arguments. Or we can augment this advantage by becoming more aware of human fallacies, by understanding how we make decisions, by implementing various shortcuts and heuristics that can save you time, by not repeating mistakes made by others and by optimizing our behavior and so on and so forth. In fact, I really think that Worldly Wisdom needs to be a mandatory subject in all schools.

Worldly Wisdom to me also includes lessons that are out there for us to see but we often ignore. I mean, why do you think our bodies are symmetrical? What makes fit people attractive? Why do we even dance? Why cant we remember essays but we remember lyrics of mile-long songs? Why is the number of left-handed people rising? What makes partnerships tick? Why would people go mad after tulip bulbs? Why do a lot of Indians not want babies anymore?

Thing is, there are a million questions out there and answers to these questions can make us better and wiser. And we can apply the lesson as we work!

Also, a large part of what I write will be in this bucket. The other two are both fuzzy and can mean life and death. And thus I want to tread with caution with those.

Happiness - Well, truth be told, I am not a big advocate of pursuit of happiness (no, not the movie - it was brilliant!). I rather believe in karma and discharging duties. I don't understand what breaks are. I don't like the concept of vacations. I think we must work as much as we can (of course the French would hate me). And I think work-life balance is a lie propagated by lazy people. But then, that's me. And that's how I think. I could be wrong. I am often wrong. The deal is I need to explore this concept of happiness more. I really want to learn about happiness and slow life and breaks and vacations and other things. So I need to read more and think more and write more. And thus, this section. And thus, more work :D


Of course for each of these three things, I will have to read more and know more. And that is the intent of these letters. To learn more. And then use whatever I learn to grow more. And do better. Hopefully.

And as a reader, I hope you learn more, grow more and do more. Please do let me know what you would want me to write about that you think can help you become better (healthier, happier, more effective and more productive).

In the end, as always, thank you for reading.

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PS: This is the third avatar of my newsletters. It's been three days that I've written/sent this. While I know broad content pillars that I want to write on, I am still unsure about the frequency, etc. Let's see when I crack that.

But like I have said earlier, whatever I decide, I will ensure that each letter adds value to whoever is reading! Yes, I believe in quantity more than in quality. And in action more than in perfection.

PPS: In the future, I will not send such announcements to everyone on the mailing list. I would rather post these on a blog/website and just place a link in the subsequent posts. Also, I have this smaller mailing list (#1KWAD) where I post personal updates. These personal updates may or may not have a lesson per se for you to read. Despite that, in case you want to be added to that list, please do let me know and I will add you. Expect more posts on that list. Maybe multiple posts in a day. May be the posts would be just one-line long. Maybe they would be ranty. Maybe there would be nothing on those. Hope you understand!

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