The Money Matters (#SoGv2 - 64).

The Money Matters (SoGv2 - 64)

Good evening!

As I write this, I am sitting at a shitty lounge at the Mumbai airport. And I was in the check-in queue for more than an hour. And I was stuck in traffic when there were people around me trying to get Ganpati home. And here I am. Leaving my home behind, chasing an obscure dream of making films and almost zero background in the business. In fact, the other day I told someone that I am like this kid lost in the candy store. I find a new toy to play with and then with all my might I chase that toy. And just when I am close to getting that toy, I lose interest and move onto the next thing. And as a result, I have not been able to work on one thing to sustain the interest, I have not been able to make any of those work for me to a point that I get financially independent. And right now, as I write this, I am FUCKED in the head about the poor state of affairs that I am in.


Lemme try with some positivity.

The highlight of the day has to be this meeting with Aditya. Look him up. It is actually not important what he does. But what he did to me today is nothing short of magical. He threw this challenge at me that by April of next year, I need to make enough to be able to give him a cheque of 50 lakhs. Wow. That's some challenge. And even though Aditya cant read this, I accept. If you want to know more about this, ask me and I shall tell. But that's that.

The other two things that were great today are a, seeing the trailer of this documentary on Bill Gates. It is mind-blowing, goosebump-inspiring and has left me wanting for more. And b, this conversation between Jack Ma and Elon Musk. Fuck, these guys operate at a different league. I mean they are talking about things that I can't even comprehend.

There is so so so much in my head that I don't know what to do. You know, I want to scream out so loud that I'd probably get deaf!


Ok. I'd take a break.

So the thing is, this is becoming a daily blog of sorts. Where rather than writing about a lesson that can make you better, I have started to share about my life. Cool and uncool at the same time. Cool - I get to write and get the muck out of my head. Uncool - I am using your permission to send emails to you to send rants that may not be the best pieces to read! Please indulge me as I find my way around in life.

With this, over and out.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you have a great weekend!
2245, Some lounge at Mumbai Airport
SoGv2-64 (1KWAD).


PS: Today was one of those days that have left me humbled at so many levels. The ones that I look up to, they are on a different plane. The ones that look up to me, they are on a different plane. The one that are adjacent to me, they are again on a different plane. You know, I am so so fucked!