Zzzzzz... (SoGv2 - 63)

Zzzz... (SoGv2 - 63)

Hello! Evening!

Tuesday. A day for an SoG. And a thing that can help you become better, healthier, happier and more productive.

But then it's late and I don't have anything to say today and I am almost asleep. Been a long and tiring day. You know how such days could be. I do have a lot to say and write and talk about and share but I don't have the words tonight. Too damn tired. And, almost asleep.

Wait. I mat not have the energy to write a new thing but I can re-share one of the most important pieces that I wrote since I started this series. About sleep. What else?

First wrote this piece way back in Dec of 2018. This is about 10 things you could do to find better sleep. Yeah yeah, I can do listicles as well :D

So, here are ten things you can do to sleep well.

  1. Cold room. Most of us don't know this but you sleep better when the room is a little cold. I put my AC at 22.

  2. Dark room. No fancy lamp. Maybe a bit of yellow / amber. I make it as dark as I can. No night lamps. Nothing.

  3. No blue lights. The kinds that our devices (phones, laptops, iPads) emit. You need to put away any devices at least 30 minutes before you want to sleep. Pro tip? Get Flux.

  4. Hydration. Have enough water before you sleep. Yeah, you’d probably have to pee but that's ok.

  5. Sleep patterns. Get a sleep tracker to start knowing your patterns. If you don't want to invest, use some app. But do put your phone in the, well, sleep mode! I use Sleep Cycle.

  6. Invest in a good mattress. I don't use a bed. The mattress has been plonked on the floor and I like it like that. Funny. But that's how it is. Point is, get a good mattress.

  7. App. Use an app to help you get to sleep. I recently purchase a subscription to Headspace. Before that, I used Calm (which LeBron also recommends!).

  8. Use a sleep journal. Write on it before you sleep. Write on it when you wake up. Use an app if you can't leave your phone alone. I like pen and paper. Pencil actually.

  9. Food. Try to eat at least 3 hours before you have to sleep. Try not to have any caffeine etc. People say hot chocolate and a glass of milk helps you sleep. I am not sure. Will have to read more.

  10. Try to get afternoon naps. I know its tough with work but see if you can find a way. I intend to.

That's about it. What all do you do to get sleep? Do share with me. First wrote this in Dec of last year.

And no, this is not medical advice. Notes from whatever I've read. Hope this is useful.

Hope you sleep well,
Till next time,

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