Monday Morning Depression (#SoGv2 - 61).

Monday Morning Depression? SoGv2 - 62

Good evening!

I am home as I write this. It's 2147 and I am about to sleep, as soon as I finish this letter. And finished one more important thing. Had a longish day - did quite a few things that were interesting and new and exciting and refreshing and tiring and all that. And I had way too many conversations with too many people to even remember the context and content. However, there's one that I can't seem to forget.

In one of the WA groups that I am a part of, at like 8 in the morning, a friend quipped, "Monday mornings are so fucking depressing"

Now, I have nothing against it. To each his own. Right? And on normal days I would've ignored it and moved on - WA is anyway full of so much tripe that I ignore most things said by most people. But this person is a friend and I care deeply for him.

So, I replied to his question with another question. "These Monday mornings give you the ability to provide for your family. Is that a depressing idea?"

And then I followed up with more advice - like I always do. And in response to my advice was lambi khamoshi. Well, there was a meek "ok" but that was about it. All those battlefields that WA is privy to, those did not happen. I wonder why. Would you know?

And why do I talk about this?
Well, I think the world needs to start looking at things in a positive light. If you can't find anything about your work, how about changing it till you find something meaningful? Who's stopping you? Why do you have those borders? There is anyway too much negativity around us and if we start our days with such things, it will only spiral down. No?

Plus the person in question is a friend. If he weren't I wouldn't care. But he is someone that I want to live next door to when I have no one else left. If at this age and this juncture in his career where he's going all guns blazing, he is unhappy, negative, what would happen when shit hits the roof?


What do you think?
How do you start your day? Your week?

Thanks for reading!
Hope you have a great weekend!
2205, Wadhwa, Mumbai
SoGv2-62 (1KWAD).


PS: Yesterday's letter had way too many typos. I spotted at least 3. Am sure there were more. Sincere apologies for that.