Saturday  Musings (#SoGv2 - 60).

Saturday Morning Musings - SoGv2 - 60

Good afternoon!

Like most other days, started writing this in the morning and got busy with things and it is now late afternoon as I finish writing.

No, I did not forget how to plan things, just that things did not pan out the way I expected. Anyhow. No rants. Just musings. So here are the things that I am thinking on this Saturday.

1. I realized a couple of days ago that I've been writing these letters since Oct of last year. And these letters are subscribed by about 200 people. The open rate is about 30% (which is low, considering all these people are contacts). Unsubscribe rate remains low.

This tells me that some people do read these letters and probably find value.

The intent of these letters was to reach more people and since I am not growing from this 200 number, do I post all the previous letters on a public blog / medium and start publishing them on public forums?

I have asked this question multiple times in the past - to myself and to you.
And I have received opinions and ideas.
But for some reason, I've not been able to work on this. I'll act soon.
Even saying no is an act. So I will.

2. I started writing this letter at an McD - I was there to meet someone and an McD is the only place open at that hour.

Each visit, I am reminded that it's a shitty place that serves shitty food.
And the service is, well, shitty.
Why am I talking about this? I don't know. It affected me so much that I am!

The note to self is that I will avoid an McD like plague. Unless it is the absolute last place that I can be at.

3. I recently fell in love all over again with the magic of Amit Trivedi.

For years I have loved music for the intelligent lyrics that people pen. Each song is like poetry - you can listen to the words without any music. Music is just there. For fuck sake. You could safely remove and get out.

Not with Amit Trivedi. He creates such amazing music that you want to listen to music for the sake of listening to music. Each of his compositions is so soothing, so healing that you want to listen to it over and over again. Its like rooh ko sukoon. If you know what that means. I've loved his music since he came on the scene but lately, I haven't had the time to consume music. Today while working I was listening to some and one of his tracks came up. And I realized how much I loved his work! If I ever get to make money and I have the money, I will want to work with him. Universe, are you listening?

In fact, I'd venture out and say that in the end, when we pass on to the other side, may I say, bas Trivedi bachega.

4. So, I didn't tell this to anyone but I had planned to go for a session of Vipassana in Sep.

And I was actually looking forward to spending ten days in solitude with almost no connection with the real world. It would've been as close to being a hermit that I can manage. The last time I did it, it was in Aug of 2009. I wanted to do it in 2019.

But I canceled it today morning.

Why would I do that?
Long story.
But in one line, way too many things are happening and I can not go incommunicado at this time. I know I know. There is always something or the other that will be urgent but I can't lose sight of important.

But this time, I can't. I am at the brink and I need to be around. In case things improve, I will go towards the end of the year. It is anyway a large goal for 2019. So, I will make another attempt at it.

5. The last thing I want to write, in terms of an update, is that I could not send the letter yesterday. And I am sorry.

Rather than writing the letter, I chose to give gyaan to 2 young kids on their startup. Which to me, is a great tradeoff.

But maybe not. A letter is a larger promise to you and I disappointed by not maintaining a streak.

6. One more thing.
I am back to binging on Diet Coke. In fact, am sipping onto one as I write this. Yes, I am falling down the rabbit hole - no Vipassana, lot of coke, no streak. Offer me some help ;P


So that's it for the weekend. My todo list now officially has open tasks that run in four digits. That means I need to stop with the musings and get back to work. Even if it is the weekend. What are your weekend plans like?

Thanks for reading!
Hope you have a great weekend!
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SoGv2-60 (1KWAD).