Rant (#SoGv2 - 58). Do NOT read if you don't like rants.

Rant - SoGv2 - 58

Rant ahead. Read at peril. Probably don't.

Here's a statement. The day I do NOT get up before 6 AM, the day gets fucked. I have seen this in action a million times. And each time I get late, I curse myself for not waking up early. Of course, waking up early is a function of when you sleep, how much food you've had, what all you've done the day before, things that are clouding your head and more.

While I can't work on external things that affect my head, I can control what I eat, when I sleep and all that. And that's something that I have failed to work on. Thing is, instant gratification is this amazing comforting thing that makes life so great that you just can not think about the long term. I mean, take this morning for example. I am so fucked in the head that I just want to sleep or eat (reasons are both internal and external. Internal - bad argument with someone I care for. External - did not get a rick in time to reach office and then because I was late, got stuck in traffic). Of course, its morning and I can't sleep. And thus what did I do? Ordered a fucking aaloo parantha. And with it, will come carbs and I don't know what all crap. Which will give me instant gratification but it will also make me feel bloated and then fuck the rest of the day. And to get over that feeling of fuckery, what would I do? Get some coffee. Or Coke.

You see how things spiral out of control? And why did all this happen? Because I was late to get up. And that's something I could control even though I could not control the argument at a petty thing.

Yeah yeah. Too harsh. Whatever. But I don't like being not ok :(

Anyhow. I think I am ok now, now that rant is over. Coming to the fascinating thing that I am obsessing over today, it is this article where this guy is trying to outlive all of us. And our children. And the grand-children. And all the generations. You know, live forever! Read it. Not the most fascinating but does a good job of explaining what all is happening in the world around longevity.

That's about it for the time being. I'll just go do 10-minutes of Headspace and get back to work.

Till tomorrow, over and out!

Thanks for reading!
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