Monday Morning Method (#SoGv2 - 56)

Monday Morning Method - SoGv2 - 56


So I started writing this one in the morning but the day was so crazy that before I knew it, it is 8:25 PM. And that means we are in the evening now. Which is ok. As long as I send the letter out before midnight, I am ok.

The craziness was induced by this maddening traffic blackhole that Mumbai has become. Thanks to Metro construction all over the city, especially around the place I live, Ganpati pandals and general fuckery, Mumbai has become a place where you are better off not leaving your home. I plan to not leave home over the next few days until absolutely necessary. I will go as far as Powai if required. But I am not going anywhere else.

Ok enough of the rant.

Coming to good things for the day. Three distinct things. Two actually.

1. That fast that I spoke about yesterday and day before? Well, at the time of writing this, I am still on it. 71 hours and counting. I know it is extreme. But such should be life. Am thinking, can I push it one more day? I am not hungry per se but my mouth tastes funny and I don't recall any taste! I love that I can control my hunger like that. It is amazing. In fact, 15 Sep on, I am going to go for a Vipassana course. And that means I will not have access to a lot of food for those 10 days! So, Aug-Sep looks like a great time for food intake.

2. I am hoping to get myself a gratitude journal from today on. I tried to get a physical notepad but it's getting tough to carry all the paper with me. So, I am gonna use a shared Google Doc for the same. I recommend you do the same. Books after books talk about how writing on a gratitude journal is a life-changing habit.

This is the bonus third.
3. I may get to pitch my first book to some producers. Not sure how that would go. Last time I wanted something bad, it went, well, bad! Yeah, talking about the gaffe I made of myself when I was to talk to people about Purpose-lead marketing. I am hoping this one goes better. I really really need this to work for me. Like really. Pray for me. Please.

Chalo, with this, it's over and out. See you guys tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!
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