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OnSunday - SoGv2 - 55

Hola, friends, and family!

Sunday. How's the Sunday been?

You know what are the best kinds of Sundays? When you wake up aaram se, meet your friends over a lazy breakfast, get cookies and cakes for kiddos at home and then come back and do little work.

No, I haven't had such a Sunday ever. But I do understand that a lot of people do have a day like that.

Coming to the update for the day.

Remember that fast that I spoke about yesterday? It's still on. As I write this, it's almost 8 and almost 46 hours since I last ate. And yes I have had water, lemonade, green tea, coffee, etc. No, no Diet Coke. No juice. In one word, no carbs. The idea is to try and do 72 hours fast. Apparently, the body gets into autophagy after 3 days of fasting. And since you are not eating anything, probably the body goes into Ketosis as well. But then, I am not an expert. The idea is to practice self-control (and not just in terms of emotional triggers and diversions, but also physical, bodily needs). Right now, I am working on hunger. Eventually, I will work on things like heat and fitness. Journey as they say.

Anyhow. So Sunday. Today, a large part of my time is going in helping the young team at The Red Sparrow do their event. The young team is doing a fantastic team. I wish I was as good, as passionate as them :) Whatever little I do for them, has been so enriching that it's not funny. This industry is like no other. People of all ages, genders, sizes, and backgrounds are attracted to it. This is one of those few industries (professional sports being other) where the odds to make to the top are pathetic af. And if you don't make it to the top, you will die in misery. And yet, and despite such skewed odds, people flock to it like moths flock to a fire. They know that they would get engulfed, get consumed, probably die in the fire. And yet they do. Such is an allure for fame. And funny thing is that being famous is Bollywood probably does not make you powerful like the industrialists or the politicians. And yet people flock to it. Why would they? I will probably never know! I can rule out a few things. It is definitely not the love of telling stories. Neither it is the access to a lot of money - like I said, apart from the ones at the top, very few people get the rewards. I'd probably never know.

The other thing that I realized yet again today is that I am useless when it comes to facing crowds. As an event manager, I can and have and will anytime go and yell at a large group of people. But when it comes to talking about myself, I suck so bad it's not funny. I decided that I will work on this by creating this group of people that are in the same boat as I and want to improve. I haven't taken action on it so far. But I will. Soon.

Till then,

Thanks for reading!
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