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Mundane Updates - SoGv2 - 54



As I write this, I am at this Starbucks outlet at Horniman Circle. In this edition of Useless Trivia Of The Day, you'd be glad to know that this one is the first Starbucks store that they ever opened in India. Remember all those photos you saw of people queuing up to get their white and greens? That was taken at this outlet! Now, of course, they have many more. I don't know how many but in Mumbai alone they have 50 outlets and each is full all the time. All these people that spend so much money on expensive coffee, I don't even know who these people are! I mean I could be one, after all at the time of editing this, this is my third Starbucks outlet since morning but who else is as jobless as I? I don't go to a Starbucks every day in the morning, grab le coffee, on the go, Instagram the photos of their cups and walk-out with such gleeful eyes as if they've got their hands on a life elixir! You feel me, bruh?

We are all creatures of our habits.


So today am hoping to do an extended fast. I am gunning for 24 hours. As I edit this, I haven't eaten for 17 hours. And counting. And then I will see how long can I stretch it. I will just have water (and Green Tea, Diet Coke, Black Coffee, Nimbu Paani, et al). Basically, zero calories. For 24 hours.

The real test for me is not not eating. But saying no when a friend is in town and we have plans to go out! Let's see how that goes. So, it will be tough. But let's see. When I am about to sway, I will think about that constant comparison with Kunal when it comes to fitness. He did a 7-day water fast once. And like I say often if he can, I can at least try!

So, wish me luck.

The next thing that I want to share (and more than share, write and thus get clarity in my head) is my personal brand.

For starters, twitter.

So, twitter is the largest, strongest, baddest, bestest connection I have to the outside world (I remain an introvert at most other places). And on Twitter, I would often post whatever comes in my head, even if those things are embarrassing and cringe-inducing. You know, I was being authentic (I am like that IRL). Which was great to a point in time. But I feel that authenticity is making me a tad more human that what I hope to be and is thus preventing me from making business connections. And to be honest, right now, I need business connections more than anything else at this point in life.

Ergo, fixing twitter. Step 1 towards fixing personal brand.

Last night, I split my twitter usage in three. Yes, three. I am not for small measures ;)

@saurabh - where I'll mostly talk about work. Try to create connections that can take me far. I will talk about my writing, marketing consulting assignments, events and all the projects that I am a part of. The idea will be to use the platform to showcase work, create more opportunities and meet more people that can help me grow.

@altsaurabh - this is where I would move what I was doing with @saurabh. Put things that I want friends and family to see.

@altsg - this remains the way it was. A backup account that I use when I am super-fucked in the head.

And yes, I take myself very seriously ;P

I know I should not - I have been warned by enough people in as many words (including that longish comment). But I don't know how else to live. I am a reflection of my work. And my work consumes all of me. I don't have a personal life, heck, I don't want one. I don't enjoy anything else but this grind. There is nothing else that I am passionate about. There is nothing that I think I will ever do in life but think about the next. You know, divinely discontent. Each thing I do -- from writing to fitness to hopes to live long and more -- is an input for things that I can work on.

I know my definition of life and work is kind of warped. I don't know what is work-life balance. I don't even want to know. And the range of things that I work on is pretty wide but it is what it is.

Assuming that is the border you have to work in, if you are willing to help, do see my LinkedIn profile and my website and please do tell me if all these are in sync and make sense to you.

That's about it I guess for the time being.

See you guys tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!
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