5 Links for the weekend (16Aug19)

#5onFriday - 16Aug19 Edition

Hello, ladies and gents.
Yet another Friday.
Yet another work week comes to an end.
And that means that over the next 2 days you can recuperate, relax, recreate, recharge, rethis, and rethat!
But before that, because it is Friday, here is a curated list of 5 things that you MUST read over the weekend.
Here's the list!

1. WeWork's IPO document
So, in the US, when you want to go for an IPO, you need to file this document called the S1 where you mention things like your current business, how much money do you plan to raise at what valuation and where would that money be used. It's like a report card of the business.

WeWork just filed it. And it's a brilliant read. In what not to do with a business.

What do I mean? Well, while I admire the business and brand they've built, I am not sure if what they do amounts to business. What? Read to understand. WeWork's S1 - the original document filed with SEC.

2. 36 questions for love.
I know tons of people who are at that point in life where lives with their spouses have become drab and monotonous. To a point that the relationship has sort of thinned out. This set of 36 questions can help you rekindle the fire. Really. Backed by science. Try it! Lemme know how it goes.

3. Pursuit of Happyness
This thread on Twitter is a fantastic read about Happiness. If twitter is not your thing, read this.

Also, see the following image.

4. Putting the time in perspective
Time has been a reoccurring theme in what I write. I know that our time is limited. I hate wasting it. And I want to do everything to maximize the time that I have. I was talking to someone today and that took me back to one of the best pieces I've read on time - Tim Urban's Putting Time in Perspective.

5. Hop197.com
Imagine traveling to EACH and every country in the world? And then, add that you'd travel to all those places with your spouse. And then, you would not spend money to do so. You will only use loyalty points and travel hacks. Possible?

Say hello to Sharmishtha and Sujoy. They ARE on this mission to travel to all the 198 countries in the world, together and with loyalty points. So far, they've been to 122 countries. Yes, 122. One hundred and twenty-two. How many have you been to?

On hop197.com they are posting updates on how they're doing it and the experiences they've lived while they were doing it! Some experiences are heartwarming, some are scary and some are outrageous. Yes, that's the word. Please go see it.

PS: I am helping them put the website together. Do see it and give me some feedback.


So, that's it for the day.

And if you are still reading, you can help me with a few things.
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That's it!

Hope you have a great weekend and even better next week. See you then!

Thank you for your time!
With gratitude,
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