Live Long and Prosper (#SoGv2 - 51)

Live Long and Prosper!


As I write this, I am listening to this amazing piece of work titled Daanah Pah Daanah. On loop.

The song's a mash-up of two folks songs and while each of those songs has had their fans, no wait, not fans - disciples, this mash-up made the two songs reach a larger audience. Take me for example. If not for Coke Studio version, I would've never heard of em. And thanks to the amazing work put in by the team, the disciples are now fanatic in their respect and admiration for the song!

You have to listen to it if you haven't already. Link here.

So, once you get over the fanaticism and go beyond the surface and read about how this song came in to being, you'd realize how simple people could be and how simple their lives and wishes and hopes and aspirations could be. It is the Internet race that chases larger things like meaning and immortality. I mean the entire track is about simple lives of farmers that want to chase the sun and graze their herds. And while they are at it, they seek safety and abundance from God.

There are times when I wonder if we remained an agrarian society, life would probably be far simpler. I believe conflicts as we know them wouldn't have existed. Of course, all the innovation and knowledge and exploration wouldn't have happened. But do we even need it? Look at the world around us! There are floods in large part of the country. There's this jungle that is burning for I don't know how many days in Siberia. Wait. Lemme not go there first thing in the morning.

So coming back to the song, one of the things that one of the singers says is, "live long and prosper".

That ladies and gents is what I pray for you. Each of you. Even the ones not reading the letter. Heck, even the ones that do not know that this letter exists. Each of us has the rights to live long and prosper. And be better!

While emotion is universal, the interpretation could be different for different people. For me live long is live healthy till the age of 120 at least. Prosper is abundance that allows me to take care of my needs (which I am trying to reduce by the day) and allows me to be of use to causes and people and ideas that I believe in.

You may interpret live long and prosper as a life where you are surrounded by family and enough food on the table. Someone else may interpret it as the pursuit of the largest home that you can ever build. Some may want to push the human race forward. Some may want to just stay still and do nothing. You know, monks?

Definitions and interpretations will change.

What is important is, if you ask me, is to identify what is your live long and prosper. And then work towards it. That simple.

And, as I end this letter, may you live long and prosper! And like I said, if there is anything I can be of assistance with on your live long and prosper, I'd love to. Just a phone call away :)

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