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#untitled / 11Aug19 / 1KWAD - SoGv2-50


You know that drive I spoke about so eloquently last night?
That never happened!
Guess that's how life is.
You plan for something and something altogether different happens.
Long story why it did not happen. Will not go there.
What did happen was that Vivek and I spoke a bit about life and all.
And while talking to him, I realized that I am at a great place. In the sense that things may not be working out well for me but I have not stopped dreaming about a time when I would have made a difference to all those lives. In one line, I remain a fool.

The other thing I realized while on the drive last night is the reinforcement that when I am old, I would be doing one or more of the following - teaching, writing, traveling and playing poker. You know, this came out so naturally to me that I did not even realize what I said before I said it! So, maybe that is what I really want in life!

Anyhow. Letter for the day.

I started writing this at a Starbucks in the morning and there was this group of old men chilling there. Most of them looked like they were in their 60s, if not late 70s. They seemed like a gang that had just returned from their morning walk. And they were joking around, laughing at each other's jokes and having a good time in general. They were out of an earshot but if I may hazard a guess, I think they were talking about their respective days, their work and maybe talking about Mr. Modi.

It was one of the most endearing sights ever in my life. Of course, it would have required them to have enough money to afford expensive coffee every day but they seemed like a great bunch of people who were taking it easy in life!

Connect it to the thread that I spoke about a second ago. You know, about retiring and playing poker?

Club the two and we have the question for the day. Where do you see yourself when you are old and all that? What would you do if you had all the money in the world? What would you do when you've discharged all your responsibilities?

Till you find sleep,
0838, Starbucks, Powai
2255, Wadhwa, Mumbai
SoGv2-50 (1KWAD).