#SoG147 - #noLetter. And 10,000 kicks.

#noLetter. And 10,000 kicks... (#SoG147)

Hi! I did not send a letter yesterday. And truth be told, there's nothing that I have to say today either. But I have this unwritten rule that I will not miss a thing two days in a row. And hence this email.

I know that I have inconvenienced a lot of bits & bytes and thumb-twaddles & mouse-clicks and would have probably dragged you away from what you would be doing. You know, taking breaks is good. Especially like this one. Where you read something inconsequential to your work and so so important to someone like me. And especially if I am almost at the 150 mark.

In fact, since this is going to be a personal blogpost, lemme talk about two things that I take away from the impending 150-letter milestone.

At the rate of 1 per day, I have been working on these for 150 days. That is 5 months. Even if I did not send/write, I HAVE thought about it. I have jammed with friends. I have asked for what to write. I have taken feedback. And I have let go of dates and even friends to be able to write this letter. And apart from making me lonely, this letter has helped me get some clarity about what to do in life. And if nothing else, I've created business opportunities via this letter. Of course, you may ask what would I do with the business when I don't have friends to share things with! True that. There are no easy answers :) The point here is that I have been on this project for 5 months now. If you know me, you would know of my fickleness and thus the largeness of what I've achieved.

At 150, while I am sure that I want to write and at the open rates I get (35% on weekdays and sub 30 on weekends), I need to change gears. Either I need to start putting serious resources behind this. Or I need to scale down the effort and write less often. I haven't taken a call but I will. Soon. You have an opinion?

So yeah, that's about this from this update. As I said, I did not want to skip two days in a row. And I would end this with that world-famous quip by Bruce Lee. He said, "I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times." A letter a day is my kick that I am practising 10,000 times. Hoping that someday a person like Bruce Lee is afraid of me!

Thing for you for the day?
What is that thing that you've practised 10,000 times?
Do tell me and I'd know that I must not get into a brawl with you over that one.

Thanks for your time,
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