Read about writing (#SoGv2 - 45)

Read about Writing.

Good evening!

Time for a SoGv2.
As I write, it is 10 PM. You know, I had decided that I will try and send one in the mornings (and I was doing that for the last 2 days) but today I could not. I had one of those super early flights and almost zero opportunity to sit and think and write a letter. So, today I could not. And truth be told, I am so fried that I don't know what to write.

If I were the old Saurabh (the one that believed in quality), I would have told myself that rather than sending any half-baked crap to people who've given me their permission, I would rather skip the letter.

But now, I am a tad different. I have changed over time. In fact, you change every day. And as Vivek just pointed out to me on twitter,
(0.99)² = 0.9801
(1.01)² = 1.0201
(1.02)² = 1.0404

So, if writing and sending this letter is that 1% improvement over the previous day, I better send it. No? After all, like all things in life, this also compounds!

Lemme make this one about writing.

Writing has given me so many things that it is not funny. In the sense that while I may not have made money with it, writing has allowed me to find new connections, make new friends and open doors that were never gonna open for me if I did not write.

I wish I could write this insane guide who could help you write and write with so much passion and so much authority that all doors open for you! And while I may not be able to write a guide like that so soon, this dude, Julian has done it! He's written this guide on writing well and it is the best damn piece about writing that I've read in a long long time. Do read it. Repeat. Do whatever but do NOT miss reading Julian's guide on writing well. It is that good. Probably better than Perell's.

Tell me how you like it. And hopefully, by Thursday, I will have something interesting to write about.

Thanks for reading about writing!
Till next time,
2243, Wadhwa, Mumbai. SoGv2-45.

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