Monday Morning Method / Madness (#1KWAD)

Monday Morning Method / Madness

Good morning!

Yet another day when I am sending this letter in the morning. Second day.

As I write this, I am not sure what I want to write today. I know I want to write something that would make you smarter and better. So let's see where this goes. That's how most things happen when I write. In the sense that I start writing and then as I go along, I figure out what the output is going to be!

So today's a Monday and most Mondays the world wakes up and starts chasing on all the deadlines that they had set for themselves in the weeks gone by. Which is a good thing. And a bad thing. Good that things happen and the world moves ahead. Bad that people who don't plan get jacked with requests and demands from others.


I know what to talk about. Monday morning madness. Or maybe, Monday morning method. How I spend my Monday mornings and if you can pick a lesson from there. And maybe you could implement these in your life as well.

So, these are the thing that I do every Monday.

0. LifeGoals
I have this sheet where I have cataloged my lifeGoals. I look at it every Monday. I start with that. I try to think about each goal in the context of what I am working on. Think of it as my North Star metric.

1. The week went by
I look at my notes from the previous weeks and carry over things that I hadn't completed in the week gone by. I take a copious amount of notes. So many that I often get lost within those.

2. Current Tasks
I then look at Asana (under tags currentThings, focus, urgent and others). I scroll through WhatsApp conversations with my team in the previous week (yes, I use WhatsApp for work). And then add the pertinent and relevant ones to this week's agenda.

3. Goals for the week
I fix three large things that I want to achieve each week. This week's large things are
a, plot the entire Book2
b, think about C4E's growth.
c, There is no third thing so far. I will probably add something during the day.

Of course, I miss most of these goals.

See, that's a problem that I have. I set insanely high goals for myself. And when I miss them, I beat myself. You may not want to do this though. But there is merit in identifying weekly goals for yourself.

4. Travel plan for the week
Since I juggle so many things, it often requires me to travel - both within the city and outside. And it's no secret that I suck at managing life and time and tasks and other things when I am on the road. So, I need to know when am I traveling. Like, for example, this week, I am on the road on Tuesday and then Friday till next Tuesday. I will thus have to plan my life, time, etc around the days when I get access to a computer.

Also, I try to have this mix of Maker Days and Manager Days where I do certain specific kinds of work.

5. Put all these in a mixer.
The things that I get from the top 4, I put them all in a grinder and comes out a sheet that tells me what to do!

6. Team
Not to mention that I work with someone to get all these things done. Young boy, I pay him just enough to get by and so far its been cool. I don't think I can operate without him.

7. Do
And then I put my head down and start working. Like I said, most times I miss most of the deadlines and tasks and deliverables but I am very sure that I want to set high goals for myself. And that's how and where it is!

That's about it.
Hope it helps.
It did help me, in the sense that I could get a letter out before 10 AM!

Do lemme know of the top three things that you want to do in this week. And lets help each other out :)

Have a great week ahead!

As always, thank you for reading.
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