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#untitled - 17 Jul 19

Good evening ladies and gents!
How you've been?
Time for 1KWAD. 1K words on an average.
On average. I may not be averaging that many lately but I am writing for sure. Today, this is the 11th day on the trot that I have published the SoGv2 and to someone fickle like me, this is a big big achievement.

The other big achievement I think is that despite all these achievements, I don't remember what my longest streak of writing has been. The number would've been important to me when I would've reached that number. But now I don't remember. And yes, it IS a big deal. The forgetting of the longest streak.

Coming to the point, today's been a long long day. And since I have been tracking the day into 15-min slots, I exactly know where the time has gone. For example, I've had 9 windows of 15 minutes where I did TP. 11 windows of 15 mins translates into almost 3 hours. Now, if I could be a tad more productive, I could change the world!!

As I write this, I am exhausted. I can feel it in my bones. Really. Age seems to be catching up :(

The only way to unwind I think is to go get a good night's sleep (which I impossible at the place I live at) or go for a drive (on a car that I don't have - maybe someday soon). And if nothing else, some music.

Ah, music.
Lemme talk about it for a minute.
Today, I discovered this playlist of Punjabi music by Daku. Of all the tracks, I am hooked onto Daaru Badnaam Kardi and I can't seem to stop listening to it. In fact, I am listening to as I write this. Thank God (and Steve) for AirPods.

I think, if science is to be believed, the music you listen to while you work affects your performance. At least it does for me. I have noticed that when I listen to fast-paced music (like Punjabi), I tend to type faster (no, don't equate typing faster with better). When I listen to Rahman, I tend to write all mushy. I can never write a stinker when I am listening to Rehman. Same, I can't write a bad thing when I am listening to Lucky Ali.

Wait. Lemme digress. One of my life goals is to someday meet Lucky Ali and talk to him and spend time with him. I don't know how and when would that happen. I hope it is soon. This meeting with Lucky Ali has been a dream for the last 100 odd years. Universe, are you listening?


Lemme flip the conversation.
If I could somehow listen to the Universe and see the signs that it is throwing at me, what could those be?

For starters, the next book. Last few days I have caught some good momentum on it. In the sense that I have made some progress. I just need to sustain it. In fact, I am seeing signs of it everywhere.

The other thing that the Universe is telling me, again and again, is to not worry about things around me. Things haven't been great at work lately and despite my carefree attitude, there are times when I see myself thinking about things. And just when I am the verge of giving up, something comes up and tells me to stay put. This is one of those times!

Ok. Enough of rant.
Can I add one more, please?

These rants remind me of those days when I would have no one who'd want to listen to me and I would pour my thoughts on my blog.

In fact, the blog has become my longest companion. People have come and gone but the blog has stayed with me. To a point that whatever may hit me, I haven't quit writing. Often I write for the sake of writing.

And now that I am at a similar juncture, I am thinking, is there merit in reposting these pieces on my blog?

I have a couple of thoughts.

A. If I am going to post on my blog, why would I ask someone to subscribe to email? Why would I clutter your mailbox? You can read these on the blog. No? The other part of conversation and email is that once I know that someone is waiting (you may not be waiting exactly but I hope you get the point), I feel responsible. And to a middle-class Indian, responsibility is larger than anything else. So, your email addresses could become the motivation to write this letter (and maybe the same thing on the blog). What do you think?

B. Once I publish these on the blog, it essentially becomes a word on the public platform (a tad more public that email). If that is going to be the case, do I need to be scared of the increasingly public lives that we live?

What do you think?
Pray, do tell me.
Both, about the music and the email to blog thingy.

Till next time!

Thank you for reading. And giving me your email address!
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