Do. Not Do. (#SoGv2 - 39)

Do. Not do.


Tuesday. The day for SoGv2. Hope the weekend was great and the week is off to a great start. Things have been slow here. And that means I haven't had time to consume a lot of content that I could first understand. And then share. In fact, this letter almost did not get sent. I had this long day and I had nothing to talk about and I was on this OMAD for last three days and I had turned off the laptop and the lights and was about to sleep. And then suddenly, I don't know what happened. I went and grabbed some snack and munched on them like a guy who's never had food in his entire life (think Homer). And once I was done eating, I realized that I still have 20 minutes to go. Why can't I send a SoGv2 to people who've entrusted me with their email addresses!

And here I am!

And this is where I have to talk about another magical, hand of God-ish thing that happened. One of my friends texted me about this anecdote from his colleague that will form the crux of this letter. If he did not send that to me, I wouldn't know what to write and what to send. So, thank you, Ankit!

Coming to the point. The agenda. The letter. The lesson from the giant of the day.

So his colleague said that every person she spends a significant amount of time with, she takes away two things from that long-ish interaction. One that she will definitely start implementing in her life. One thing that she would do.

And the other that she will never ever do. One thing that she would not do.

It is one of those simple-sounding things and yet has deep-reaching consequences.

I can talk about myself to give an example.
There is this young entrepreneur that I spend a lot of time with. I know him for about a year and if I were to look at one thing from his life that I would love to implement in my life, I'd say his hustle (Hustle = Attempts to do more. To be the best. To try and beat him at his own game. To not let go). And the thing that I will never ever succumb to, would be his radio silence with clients. I mean he is an entrepreneur and he better be available.

The other person I can talk about is Harshit. I would love to have his level of consistency. And I would never put a goal of building muscles. Fitness, of course. Muscles. Never.

That's it. Simple idea.

So, a quick recap. Everyone person you spend more than a month with, take a thing away that you would include in your life. And a thing that you would never. Game? Let's do this.

Oh, and while we are at this subject, while these are unrelated, you may want to read about circle of competence and anti-library. You may also read a previous SoG titled No.

Until Thursday,

Thanks for reading
2348, Wadhwa. SoGv2-39

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