Hello from Hyderabad! (#SoGv2 - 38)

Hyderabad - 15 Jul 19

So, I am at Hyderabad as I write this. And like it or not, I am on OMAD and thus no Biryani is happening. Which is ok. I mean I am not much of a foodie. I love to eat but if I don't get food, I am ok. I just need to keep myself distracted. And thus I am sipping slowly onto green tea (which I hate) and water (which makes me bloated). But what else can I do?

Ok, so when I travel to different cities, I try and meet people. I would’ve loved to do so this around as well but I am not sure if that can happen. This is a quick in and out trip and I will not have time to meet people. But I did a post on WhatsApp that I am here and see who all will write in. Of all the responses I got, the one that made me most glad was from this girl that did a live project for me at C4E. She is probably my biggest advocate. I need more like her.

What was endearing to me is that I was able to make such a connection with her that despite her busy life and a million other things that affect a young person, she remembered to text me when I said I was in her city. That says a lot. If I were seeing this from outside, looking at myself, I would be impressed! No kidding! I just need to scale this.

The other thing that I am thinking as I write this, is that I'd love to have a business that makes me travel the world and meet people and experience new things. Like a guest wrote on one of my previous letters that we need to keep adding stories to life. The next story I want to add to my life has to be of abundance and prosperity and connections and growth. Get the drift?

The last thing I want to write in today's piece is that I really really love the idea of being able to afford the luxury. I know there are people that can survive and even thrive with whatever limited they have. But I need my space. I need comfort. I need to be able to use the best of the tools to create things. I mean if I were making the Taj Mahal, I would probably wait for the right chisel and hammer. I can't write on a Windows machine. I need a MacBook Air. I need a Starbucks, not a CCD. I need fast internet. And not the slow 2G shite. Got this chain of thought because I am sitting at a comfortable lobby of a fancy hotel at the most upmarket part of Hyderabad. Of course, the client is paying for this. But the point is, I love material comfort.

Truth be told, I can't afford a lot of it for the time being. But the hope (which is a big big idea for me) of a better day in the near future keeps me going. I hope it's around the corner. Inshallah, it is. Till then, over and out. See you guys tomorrow.

As always, thanks for reading.

Thank you for your patience and time.
2028, Radisson Blu, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
SoGv2-38 (1KWAD).


PS: This may not be a lot but I had to write this to keep the streak going. You will tolerate me for this. No?