# (#SoGv2 - 37)

#untitled - 14 July 2019

Good evening!

Trust you are well. There is nothing interesting that I have to report. Last two days were like you would expect a corporate head honcho to have (just that I am not one). Relaxed. Easy.

I stayed up late, woke up late, did nothing of importance and took liberal breaks. I am even going for a movie after this.

And no, I don't enjoy this. I am supposed to work and this is not how I want to design my life. And no, I am not trying to be harsh on myself. Just that I am programmed in a certain manner and I see no merit in unlearning the way I am designed.

So, what did I do?

1. Thanks to Vijesh, I saw this talk by Anurag Kashyap about his journey in Bollywood. And there were a million lessons that I took from there. Here is a list.

  • Once you know what you want to do in life (that's where I think half the battle is), identify places where people who can help you find work on what you want to work on hang out. Spend time there. Offer them your services for free. Till a point, you become so important that you start getting the work you wanted. Aka, hustle. He says that he worked at Prithvi Cafe because that is where all the film-wallahs would hang out. And once he was there, he started to work for free, as a writer. Because he could write fast and did not ask for credit or money, he started getting work. And with time, he became important.

  • Always be available. Continuation from the first point.

  • No one owes you anything. If you want it, you better go work for it. Just because you want it, the world will NOT serve it to you on a platter. He gives an example of how people goto him and tell him that they want to make movies and he asks them, "who's stopping you?"

  • He says that each choice has a consequence. And you have to know that you will have to live with and deal with those consequences.

  • Every time he would see resentment from people around him, he would move out from that clique.

  • Do things. And not just crib. Do not blame others. Do not abuse others. Don't just things are wrong.

  • Jugaad. How do you understand people and appeal to their desires deep down and get things done. He gives an example of how he got a digital camera for free by offering a role to the person who controlled the camera.

  • When you believe in something, you HAVE to stand up for it and fight for it. You HAVE to take responsibilities. This is my biggest takeaway.

  • Persistence is probably one of the most undervalued traits! Of course, you have to know what you really really stand for in life. And once you know what you believe in, you HAVE to persist with things!

  • When you fail, you don't crib or moan. You go back to the drawing board and restart. As he said, the world does not owe you anything!

2. I met a senior from college (AD) for something and while talking he mentioned this word called "world view", which is a FAR FAR better way to describe what I wrote about yesterday (on SoG and reproduced on my blog).

Actually, not really a better way, just another dimension. To jog memories, I said that there are some lifethemes that I am chasing that describe who I am and what I do. AD told me about something similar - world view - that is a sum total of experiences, thoughts, opinions and everything else you stand for. I will think more about it. I will probably talk about it in the letter on Tuesday.

3. I narrated the 70% complete plot of #Book2 to a friend. To my surprise, she was not very impressed.

Loved that despite knowing me she could speak her mind and told me that she did not like it too much.

And that also means that work is cut out for me. I need to pull up my socks and do a far better job. I am inspired. PSP, wait for my next call. You WILL be impressed.

4. I got a 4G sim card. Finally after all this time. Like I said, I was jobless and I thought why not. And I know it is not important enough to be mentioned. But still.

5. Today was day two of OMAD. I was supposed to eat at 730 PM but I could not hang in till then. So I ate at 5. But it was the first meal of the day. And I will eat one tomorrow. Probably before the flight tomorrow.

Oh, tomorrow and day after I am in Hyderabad. And I may miss sending the letter. Maybe I will try from the flight if it's not too turbulent. The last time I was on a plane, it was among the scariest flights of my life. More about it some other day.

Random trivia - this is the diet Ram Kapoor used to become slim and trim!

6. I discovered today that kids have a universal problem in gathering balls in a jar. See these two videos as evidence.
I also discovered that kids are scared of their own shadows.
And then I discovered that kids laugh when you tear a piece of paper in front of them.
How do I know these things? I don't know. But I do.
I dare you to see those videos without laughing.

So yeah. That vella I was today.

Like I said, there isn't much that I did in the last two days. And thus there is nothing special to report, write about.

Thanks for being the audience for these inane thoughts. Means a lot to me. See you guys tomorrow. I have this movie to catch and I love them trailers and ads :)

Thank you for your patience and time.
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