Day 3 (#SoGv2 - 33)

Day 3. Day 4. Whatever.


This one comes from Doolally. One of those places where these hipsters hang out and talk about them hanging out. A place where I am a misfit. But the good part is that I have now started to hang out at these places (you know, opening up). And I am at the same time trying to come out of the slumber. I know I am slow with these things but der aaye durust aaye!

So I call today's letter Day 3 because of this. And thank God for that.

Thing is, I've realized that to me, writing is my catharsis, my salvation, my way out of misery. My way to happiness. I may not be exceptional with it yet. But I know I will be if put in enough time and effort. And churn out output. The sheer law of averages will ensure that one of the million things that I create will give me that one large big bang dose of happiness that I seek. Wait. Dint Naval say on Joe Rogan that there is no big bang happiness waiting for you? Maybe there isn't.

The point is, I like the fact that what I write gets read by people at places that I've not even been to. And some of those things get people to react and respond and make me a better person. And at some point in time in life may be get paid. And then, chase things that I can't because I am loaning my time to make a living. With writing, I will no longer do that. So that. You see why day 3 is important? And all the more important will be Day 4. Tomorrow. When I get to extend the streak by one more. And then one more. And more. Till I reach the goal.

Wishful thinking. Wishful thinking. Takes me back to those days in 2012 / 13 when I would think all day about writing, poker, travel and nothing else. It's 2019 and I still think of pretty much the same thing. I am yet to take it to execution. Maybe soon. You know, as a start, these letters have been helpful! Let's see when I get the Poker / Travel going.

Wish me luck. And with that, it's an over and out.

1725, Doolally, Andheri, Mumbai
2120, Starbucks, Andheri, Mumbai
SoGv2-33 (1KWAD).

Day 4 that I have sent #SoGv2 on the trot! Yay!

PS: I am finishing this letter at a Starbucks. And this is one of those few times when I am not ordering anything and leeching onto the free wifi and the power socket. Desperate times call for desperate measures!