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Hi! This is Saurabh!

You probably know me from twitter (where I am @saurabh).
Or from one of the places that I have worked at (GE, CLA, Gravity, Social Wavelength / Mirum, VISCOMM, C4E, etc).
Or you were a client or a vendor or a supplier to me.
Or maybe someone you know told you about me.
Or we just bumped into each other randomly - life's funny like that!

The point is, the universe conspired to bring us close.

And I believe that the Universe had some plans when it inconvenienced some bits and bytes to bring us close.
Maybe it was to help me learn from you?
Maybe you had to pick a few things from the giants that I talk about in these letters?
Maybe it was something you and I can't even put in words!

But whatever it was, I think it has come to an end. Which is ok. Most great things eventually do come to an end.

What makes the end interesting is how we accept it and move on to the next thing.

What do I mean by coming to an end?

Thing is, data (all hail the mighty data) tells me that you have not "interacted" with my emails in a while. Not interacted essentially means that you have not opened most of these emails.

And yes, of course, I am offended!!! How dare you not open my emails?

Ok. Kidding.
I am not offended or anything.
I understand that you must be busy. Or maybe you don't find enough value in these letters.

Talking of value, I really really value time over EVERYTHING else. And if you've chosen to not interact with my emails, I know that there are other, better things that you are using your time for. And that is great! Everyone must control their time. It IS the most precious and scarce thing we have.

So, to save you time, I am going to remove you from this mailing list. The tool will automatically remove you from the mailing list unless you open this mail or reply by the end of the day on the 22nd of July.

And why am I doing this? Because I don't want to keep sending you emails and add to clutter in your mailbox. Maybe these emails are keeping you away from that zen-like Inbox Zero?

Chalo, with this, over and out.

It would suck to see you go.
But whatever happens, happens for good.
Hope you get all the love, luck and happiness.
Thank you for being a subscriber. I wish you would've read some :)

Until next time we meet, wherever it is at...

Saurabh Garg

PS: In case you wish to manually remove yourself, please click here to unsubscribe from this list.