#untitled 080719 (#SoGv2 - 31)

#untitled - 08 Jul 2019


Last I wrote this letter, it was on the 3rd of July. Since then I've not had the time or the mindspace to write one. I am hoping that with this one, I am back. And to be honest, this one is not very cheerful either. So, rather than publishing it here, I will post the link to a blog post that I just made (normally I would include this in the letter but I know I don't want to leave you with unpleasant things to read about). If you are ok, read it here. But please be advised that it's not very nice. If I were you, I'd skip it.

Oh, and why send an email if you don't want people to read it?
I don't know. It just felt natural to write this email.
More in subsequent days.

Hope life's been good to you!

2314, Wadhwa, Mumbai
SoGv2-31 (1KWAD).

Missed 4 days in the row. Been missing a few lately. Need to pull my socks up. As an artist, if I can't be consistent, I'd never be anything.