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#untitled - 03 Jul 2019


As I write this, I am in Delhi. Came here for a meeting and then stayed back. No real reason to. Just wanted to escape the muck in Mumbai. What muck may you ask? Long story. Maybe when we sit over a drink or something.

And now that I am in Delhi, does not mean that I am doing what I often do when I am here (meet friends, chit chat with people I've grown up with, etc.). I am gonna be holed up at a Starbucks (or a friends office or something) and think about life and all that. There's been a lot that's been clouding my head and I need some clarity on those things. This could be a good opportunity.

Of all the things that I am going to think on, there are two that I wish to pick your brains on today.

a. saurabhgarg.com
I've always wanted one place to aggregate all my work in one place. This would have things that I work on (events, marketing, etc), thoughts, ideas that I am exploring, things that I write (books, blogs, these letters, etc), problems that I need help with and other things that keep me busy.

Over the years I have tried to get this going and I have failed at most of those attempts. This time, I think I will get it (I have a lot more time at my hands).

The question, ladies and gents, is, what are some great personal websites that you know of? I am looking at not just the design, but also the content. The two that I love are https://markmanson.net and https://www.perell.com. Love how they've been able to organize the information and make their websites pleasing to the reader as well.

You get the drift? Please do write back and do tell me of websites that you think are nice and I would love to take lessons from those.

b. monetization of the content that I create
So, I met this friend and he mentioned that what I write has enough value that someone would be willing to pay me for those. Now, I have views on this. For starters, I am against the idea of earning money for content that I write to my friends (I mean while this content may add value to people, by agreeing to get my emails, you are giving me the permission to mail you. And I don't know how to charge you for that). Plus most people on this mailing list are friends and you don't sell to your friends. Remember what Seth said about selling insurance to your sister?

However, I hear what AG tells me. I know that there is an entire industry out there that caters to people and their need for bettering themselves. Can I thus carve a piece out and offer this to a larger audience? Maybe publish these pieces in magazines that have a wider reach? Maybe make a book or something. I mean there has to be an idea that allows me to make money from this? And if there is, maybe that's where my salvation is!

So, help me with this as well. Do tell me what is your opinion? What do you think I should write about? What makes these letters interesting to you. What else can I do?


So yeah. These two. As I get myself fixed in the head over the next week or so, do write and let me know what you think. And as always, thank you for being an audience.

Wrote this at home, Delhi.
One of those few places that I belong to, and yet can't seem to work from. This letter has been an exercise in patience.
SoGv2-30 (1KWAD).

Yesterday, missed the all-important one on Tuesday (the one that goes to a larger audience). The idea of sending two a week was to not miss. I could've planned the Tuesday one on Monday but I could not. Need to fix this as I go along.