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#untitled - 01 Jul 2019


It is 2:10 and as I write this, I am waiting for my 2 PM to arrive. There are 3 more people apart from me in this meeting and all three are late. I think it is fashionable to be late and then make a fuss about traffic and all that. But then, now that I have time, lemme take notes for what I want to write in this 1KWAD.

Here is a list.

  • My recent decision to unfollow almost everyone on twitter

  • Book2 (lol! I've had so many false starts and broken promises that even a mention of the book2 makes me laugh at myself)

Ok. Just two things and they are here. I spoke too soon (about someone's who's coming in late). More after the meeting. In the meanwhile, see this video (these days as I work, I listen to this track on loop) ;)


The meeting took longer to happen.

So. Coming to the post. The things that I wanted to talk about.

1. The decision to unfollow everyone.
If you follow me on twitter, you would know that every once in a while I go unfollow everyone and then I build my list from scratch. This time, however, I want to do something else. I want to reduce the number of people I follow to about 100.

Why would I want to do that?

Multiple reasons. Here's a list.

A. Right now, my TL is full of people who talk about films, crypto, investing, travel, business, poker, and other such things. While most people I follow are very unidirectional and have limited things to tweet, some are like me and have a larger breadth of interests. And some of those take an active interest in politics, sports (especially cricket), celebrities et al.

And as a result, my TL is now a muddle of content that has memes around pets, politics and the (cricket) pitch! There is more noise than the signal.

I know I know that Twitter and other SM platforms are algorithms and they show me things that I have shown an affinity towards. And thus I see all those posts of dogs, boring memes on politicians, comments against MS Dhoni and other such sacrilegious things. I have no one else to blame but me. And thus I want to fix it. By resetting my following list. I've done it in the past and I am happy to do it again.

B. Also, I am moving to this system where I put everyone I want to follow in twitter lists and move to apps like Tweetdeck (rather than native twitter app). This would help me slot things and prevent me from switching context as I navigate tweets. You see, I use twitter as a place where I get to learn about new things by picking fragments of conversations between strangers. And when I pick random threads from random people talking about random things, I often miss the context. I bookmark things (by "like"ing those tweets) and I make a mental note to get back to that. And often, I forget to get back to it! You know what am saying?

C. The flip side is that I will miss out on tracking conversations from some of my favorite people (because they don't really talk about things that I want to learn). Which is not ok, to be honest. But I don't have a way out of this. You have ideas?

D. There is this person. I value her opinion more than a lot of other people's. And she said that if I unfollow people who care for me and give me their opinions, do I even deserve to have those people around me? I don't have an answer. All I know that Twitter is an application that gives me access to people. And once I have a relationship going, how I behave on the app is of no consequence. Rather, may I say, judge me on the basis of how I conduct IRL?

So yeah. Over the next few days, I will reduce the number of people I follow to about 100. Everyone (including these 100) would goto lists. And then I'd see where I'd want to go from there.

2. Book 2
So, I've been saying for quite a few years that I am working on Book 2. However, the number of signs that I've been seeing (I must be seeing these for months but I've just started to take note) is not funny. To a point that if I don't get this book out of me in this year (in the next 6 months), I never will!

Lemme give you a premise. This will be the first of many loglines that I will probably write!

Caravan Serai is a story of 9 characters, each inspired by one Navarasa, that are transiting through life and make a temporary halt at this Goan bar, Caravan Serai. Along with them makes a stop, the curse of the lost treasure of The Fiery Cross! The 9 characters get dragged into the pursuit of the cursed treasure. And what was supposed to be a transitory resting place, becomes their grave!

What do you think? Packs a punch? Makes you want to read?


And that's all I have to talk about today. I know not much but it is indeed liberating to have written something. And it is so comforting to have an audience. Thank you for listening :)

Thank you for reading!
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