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#untitled - 30 Jun 2019


I am back. After a break of two days.

No, I did not want to take a break. It just happened.

Was little under the weather and slept through the whole of 28th. 29th I planned to write but prioritized spending time with friends over writing (which with the hindsight, I shouldn't have done - more on this later).

Today, here I am. And yes, I couldn't be happier. Even if this goes to about 10 of you and not more than 5-6 actually read this. But to me, the mere permission from someone to send them an email is a responsibility big enough to look forward to writing these!

So coming to the letter of the day. Today is Jun 30. And that we are halfway with 2019. And that means I should've been halfway on my goals for 2019. Here's the list of my 2019 goals, in case. And as I glance through the list, I realize that the only thing that I am doing remotely ok is the writing piece, thanks in large to these letters (blogs have dried down, book2 is still a long way to go).

But then, look at the bright side. There are 6 months to go. If I work harder, I should be able to cover up for the time I lost in H12019. What do you think?

I think it's doable. You know why? Because I think I was prudent enough to divide these into smaller action points. Take writing as an example. I wanted to write 200K words this year. And I gave myself a task of writing a 1000 words every day. Even if I missed 33% days in the year, I would end up with 200K words! For my goal of meditating 6000 minutes in the year, I gave myself a task of meditating for 20 minutes every day and thus I know that I can afford to miss 10% of days. And so on and so forth.

There are more things I can talk about with context to goals and tasks and all that. But I understand that there is no merit in talking about what am working on, till I can show some outcome. And that's something that I don't have. And so, I think I will leave it here. Will revisit this thread in a few weeks once I have achieved something that is worth showing off. You wait and watch!

And with that, I am going to wrap this letter. See you guys on Monday. Hope you have a great week ahead. And hope 2019-H2 is as good for you as I plan to make it for me!

Thank you for reading!
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