#untitled (#SoGv2 - 24)

#untitled - 24 Jun 2019


Today was a different kind of day from all others. I did not work on my laptop until about 10 minutes ago. And I did that to be able to write this letter. This was a great thing - I am so addicted to seeing a computer that I couldn't have imagined a day when I did not work on a computer. But it happened today.

The other thing that happened was that I meditated for about 10 minutes without having access to Headspace. This to me is also a big #win. For the simple reason that I can't really sit in one place without moving and today I did my meditation without any aide. I know I know. The very discussion about meditation is useless. But it is an achievement and I am super stoked!

The third thing that happened today that was beyond ordinary was that I met two different people today that gave me gyaan. Instead, me giving them gyaan. Can you imagine how big is that? Someone giving gyaan to Saurabh Garg. And that gyaan was in the "purpose" and "why" zone!
Beat that shit!
Someone coaching Saurabh about purpose and other things.

Love such days when you get back home richer, aware, humbler and more hopeful about life and the world around us.

See you guys tomorrow.

Oh, one more thing. Today was a manager day. Let's see if I can make tomorrow a maker day. Wish me luck. Oh, also, tomorrow's SoG is on the idea of being comfortable with yourself. I first heard it on Naval's talk with Joe Rogan and since then I have been mulling over it. Let's see what comes out when I sit down to writing it.

See you guys tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!
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