#untitled (#SoGv2 - 23)

#untitled - 23 Jun 2019


Yet another Sunday. Yet another letter. This one comes from a Starbucks at The Capital (this is an office complex at BKC, in Mumbai). And because it's a Sunday, there is like a pin-drop silence on roads, barring the occasional vehicle. The only person that I see working right now, is me. And for some reason, this is making me happy - I think I am getting this satisfaction that I am running a tad extra and this could result in a tad extra mileage on my bank balance. Different discussion for a different day!

Coming to the agenda of this email. I don't have anything specific to write about. Its become a routine, a habit. Something that I have to do for the sake of doing, rather than actual work. And that is something that I want to talk about. Routines. Habits.

Apart from this routine of writing a letter every day (thank you for being the audience), there are a few more things that I want to be doing on a daily basis. Here is a list.

  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes every day. Maybe take it to about an hour every day. Saw this tweet from one of the CEOs and was zapped at the consistency. The dude's been at it for 652 days! I have to compete with him. Lol - compete, meditation :D

  • Walk / run / jog / swim for about an hour every day.

  • Write a 1000 words every day for my next book. I've been writing it for more than 5 years. Ok, not writing really. Planning to write. I need to start on it. And once I do, I know I will do it in 3 months flat. I can write fast you know. Like I said, routine. Need to get into it.

Of course, there is a flip side to having routines. You start prioritizing. And that means you are forced to say no to things. And that may not be a good idea. I mean I know that writing has helped me reach more people but since I started writing a newsletter, I haven't had the time to write on my blog. The posts on my blog have reduced drastically. To a point that I don't even remember when I made the last post! And that means that all the serendipitous connections I was making on my blog, they've stopped happening. A solution is that I will copy-paste some of my pieces on my blog but is that optimal? Not sure!

I can give more examples. I want to wake up at 4 AM. That means I need to be in the bed by 10 PM. And thus, I can't go out with friends and family. Again, as a result, I am drifting away from them and I can foresee that at the age of 119, I will be lonely, alone, rich and will probably have 30 cats around me.

But, I am ok. Because to me, as of today, priority is to take care of my health and connect with superfans (you guys) and push myself on a daily basis. And if that means I have to say no to a few things, I will. Guess that's what prioritizing is all about. No?

Please do tell me about yourself. What do you do and what did you have to give up to be able to do that? I'd know that I am not alone :)

Thank you for standing by me.
1230, Starbucks, The Capital, Mumbai
SoGv2-23 (1KWAD)